Romantic Judie

Love yourself.

Someone said you can never love someone unless you love yourself first. See, I think I love myself too much. My top priority is myself. It may explain why a romantic partner remains elusive to me now.  I love myself… Read More ›

Kiddie Size Update

O hai there! I was on my way home one warm Thursday night when I thought of blogging again. I think it’s partially inspired by what Julie Powell did.  I put it off for today but the interest fizzled.  I ended up… Read More ›

The Incoherent.

This post may not bear much difference from my other blog entries. Except perhaps this was typed when I was a tiny bit sloshed. Let’s see…I vowed to stop pining after a momentary confusion (see entry below this). I still… Read More ›

i know who’s the boss of me now

I am doing something that I terribly missed. What makes it potentially disastrous is that I am still carrying traces of my old motivation, something that has caused me too much pain in a not-so-distant past.  At a glance, it’s easy… Read More ›

losing my blog mojo

…I tried retracing my steps, by the way. It’s really gone somewhere. I hang out a lot in Twitter so you can check the right side for updates on my crazy life. Even if you don’t, you won’t probably miss… Read More ›

natural high

In here  – feeling good, Game Night, Mafia Wars, various food, various activities, man/boy, baby names – I feel very productive. See, it’s only Tuesday! I won’t allow anyone or anything to pop this feel-good balloon.   – I’m hosting Game… Read More ›

lovestruck noisy girls

Limping and all, I honored my promise to my favorite girls in the office and (slowly) walked my way to Midtown to watch You Changed My Life. =) It was a full house. I’ve never seen the stairs leading to… Read More ›

drama, taglish nga lang :D

“Wag mo akong sasanayin sa mga ganito, baka hanap-hanapin ko ito.” “E di masanay ka, wala naman akong balak itigil ito.” Sa You Changed My Life yan, the sequel to A Very Special Love, na sige na, aaminin kong I… Read More ›

I adore

One of the best things I love in a partnership is one’s capacity to adore his/her partner, yet at the same time, a natural knack for pointing out whatever that needs a healthy form of self-check (okay, I am hesistant… Read More ›

questions and answers!

Holy moley, I think if you’re allowed to gain x number of pounds to make up your holiday weight, I got it and multiplied it by 10. Home cooking is the shiznit, I’m sure you all know that already. It’s… Read More ›

thankful, grateful

I am happy and thankful because — ~ I spent my Saturday afternoon going around Bonifacio High Street, with a huge chunk of my time spent in Fully Booked. I’ve been there many times but only at night, never on… Read More ›

swamped (but super) saturday

More pointless stories, dear readers. Come on, I know you like reading them. =) Anyway, I rarely get up early on Saturdays. These rare occasions include a general assembly where I will get free breakfast, casual get-together with far too… Read More ›