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While I was out…

I feel like I was knocked out of this world for weeks.  Turned out it was only two agonizing days.  I did not have H1N1, contrary to rumors, and I will not even dignify it by a clarification.  All I… Read More ›

Mortality at Forty

What’s with all the heightened fuss on turning 40 among all other years in a person’s life? I know many people who view forty as a new beginning, something to look forward to, a stage of liberation. I share the… Read More ›

losing my blog mojo

…I tried retracing my steps, by the way. It’s really gone somewhere. I hang out a lot in Twitter so you can check the right side for updates on my crazy life. Even if you don’t, you won’t probably miss… Read More ›

highlights of my day

This was all of Cuddy’s appearance in House’s most recent episode, LOCKED IN. An episode which was awesome, by the way.  I’m happy that the writers are getting better with their installments as the season draws to a close. This… Read More ›

natural high

In here  – feeling good, Game Night, Mafia Wars, various food, various activities, man/boy, baby names – I feel very productive. See, it’s only Tuesday! I won’t allow anyone or anything to pop this feel-good balloon.   – I’m hosting Game… Read More ›

Normal’s Overrated

A short PAINLESS recap was in line as today’s blog update but I’m putting it off to give way to the following pictures. The whole production of House teamed up with National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) to raise funds… Read More ›

good, bad, ugly

No links to relevant information. You got here on your own so you should know how to Google or Wiki stuff that you wish to know more of. Hehe, ang taray. GOOD. Kate Winslet’s double win. I was keeping myself… Read More ›

thankful, grateful

I am happy and thankful because — ~ I spent my Saturday afternoon going around Bonifacio High Street, with a huge chunk of my time spent in Fully Booked. I’ve been there many times but only at night, never on… Read More ›

smack dab in the middle of jen

Almost everyone in my circle knows that one of my celebrity guilty pleasures is Jennifer Aniston. She’s splashed in most gossip magazines and celebrity blogs that it’s really not possible to miss her at all. She hit the headlines once… Read More ›

short and honest

I am not comfortable with Jennifer Aniston and latest boyfriend John Mayer. Jen namaaaaaaan, ano buzz. Then again, kung saan sya happy, e di sige na. Nagfi-fiesta na naman sa kakapintas ang Brangelina worshippers nito, akala mo sinong mga perpekto yung… Read More ›

yummy Yamin!!!

Still incoherent and will probably stay this way because I’m sure I would be too lazy to edit this anyway. So to continue my rundown, after a sinful dessert, Rach and I stood by just outside the roped area of the activity… Read More ›


It’s 12:30  a.m. as I type and I still feel so alive because downing a hot espresso at 10 p.m. wasn’t a good idea if you intend to sleep like a human being. Anyway, I spent my Friday night rummaging randomly… Read More ›

Elliott, Avenue Q, Shoppers’ Day!

If not for Jacs’ post, I would not have remembered that this is happening soon. Show times and venues: TriNoMa, Activity Center September 21, 2007 at 7:00pm Glorietta, Activity Center September 22, 2007 at 7:00pm Market! Market!, Activity Center September… Read More ›

sex on legs

I saw this meme from Patty and I was amused. I decided to make a list of my own. I discussed it in passing with my colleagues and I gathered that we would never have issues with men whom we want… Read More ›

very very vanity fair

The Special Africa Issue of Vanity Fair arrived yesterday and I was surprised to find that the cover wasn’t a spread I expected it to be. I thought it’s gonna be the same with their ensemble cover spreads. Anyway, this… Read More ›