Still Distracted

I was home earlier than usual and a tiny part of me was hopeful I could finally publish a post or two in my drafts folder. The coherent ones, you know? But after business-related communications (naks, see, my little online bookshop is making traction plus some Cooperative training opportunities), my fingers found themselves typing Netflix.

My watch list has a lot of unfinished episodes because my attention span has always been really short when presented with plenty of options. I finished the 4th episode of Broadchurch though. It’s been on my list for a time and only managed to start it when the Jodie Whitaker news hit. Right now as I type the half of my screen is playing the pilot episode of The 100. Heard a lot of great stuff about it beyond the book. My motivation to finally start? Been seeing The 100 Funko pops! Hahaha!

I need to be in bed in 45 minutes so let’s see what other “crazy” shenanigans I go into. Grabe, this life. Pero happy naman ako. Hahaha! How are you today?

The Day I Gave Up Online Dating for Netflix

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With finality, I can say that I am done with online dating.  There wasn’t any “dating” that occurred in almost two years anyway. And before I believe (and you conclude, you heartless judgmental monsters LOL) that there is something fundamentally wrong with me let me tell you: most of its failure was for lack of trying.

Online dating sites are great. I know people, friends, who have successfully built happy unions that started via online dating. I encounter too many of them at work, too. They do work. But it’s not for everyone.

I had the guts to finally pay for an account in 2014 because it was almost Christmas and heck, I needed diversions. I forgot how much exactly but it was probably around $25, a one-time payment for one year. It allowed me to view photos, make my profile viewable to paid account holders, and jump to the direct messaging option than wait four to five stages of pre-made questions and answers. Then when my one-year fee ended, there’s a retainer of $5.95 a month. Not bad, ‘no? Not bad.

It was exciting at first. I “talked” to a few guys and siguro for lack of having someone who paid me attention, lahat sila interesting. Go lang, choosy pa ba? I talked to a teacher in Hawaii, a martial arts instructor in Fresno, some government guy in Virginia. I forgot why exactly they didn’t prosper. One guy I cannot forget was the most polite online sex proposition I got. When I made it known I wasn’t into it (not yet at least; first night ng usapan, ganun agad nagmamadali, may lakad beh???), he politely said thanks and goodbye, and wished me well in my online dating journey. Made me think, grabe talaga ang Canadians, kahit online predator activities, ang galang pa din nila.

I simultaneously signed up for a free account in another site and it became my “local’ searching site. Medyo mabenta naman ako doon but for very short conversations. Yung iba pa jejemon. I mean, sorry ha, kelangan talaga ang salitang “sabi” maging “sv” and ang “kuya” maging “kua”? Kuwa ang pronunciation doon, tigilan nyo nga ako! /rantover

It was also there where I met someone potentially okay pero — I didn’t even try that hard to research — a simple Google search yielded a child molestation record. It was in the past and I know people must be given opportunities to change but…sorry. I also talked to someone who writes for a news website (one of the more mind-stimulating chats I had in recent memory; lasted a few days; mutual decision naman na tamarin magcontinue so it’s okay) and one also writes for print media. Both of them follow me in my social networks now. Ok lang kami. We’re cool.

Then came Tinder. Ah, Tinder. I posted about this before:


Tinder was prospect-laden than most and to think it’s a free app. I also happened to try it fully when I was in the States in January and wow ha, if only for validation and score in the hookup barometer, ang daming lalaki!!! Hahaha! It’s a hookup site so location is material. I moved in three states in two weeks so mahirap yung iba masustain. Two guys came close and in one nagmaganda ako even though I had the leverage naman to say no. I was supposed to meet him at an independent bookstore in North Beach but put it off at the last minute. In hindsight it’s a combination of low self-esteem and weakness to say no. Kaladkarin nga ako di ba. So better nip it while I still can. Baka maging sex slave naman ako nyan without me knowing. The other one was completing his PhD in Archaeology so you can just imagine all the “digging and excavation” undertones in our chats. Hihihi. Let us leave it at that. LOL. Both instances though, wala din.

Okay, so why did I say I’m done with this whole thing?

It’s not really for me. I have poured my energy on things and activities I wanted and I got results. I am no longer thinking hindi ako mabenta or anything because I AM NOT A FRIGGIN’ COMMODITY. I put in irregular effort and time into them, and there were times babalikan ko lang ulit and ica-career when I hear someone na may bagong guy na kausap (momentary inggit factor, in short).

More importantly, through all the times I was searching online, there’s a guy I like at the back of my head. I was waiting for him to come back from his trip and then he did, so maybe I have been focusing on that rather than pursuing online prospects. And in general, you know how it is — when you have that guy, you tend to go back to him, the imagined him, the memory of him, regardless whether you have a hundred different sites you’re a member of. Kalokohang phantom loyalty, alam nyo na.

Again, it may not have worked for me but it did and it will for others. If you are still single, try it. Except for a few thousand pesos na pwede mo kitain ulit, wala naman mawawala. Iba din ang experience.

Now that I gave up my paid online dating account, I used the money to pay for what really makes my heart and mind rested and happy — TV shows and movie streaming! Netflix charges  Php370 a month while iFlix charges Php130. Each has extensive TV shows and film collections, original series, documentaries, and local shows. Too many shows, too little time indeed.

Is it worth the investment change? Definitely yes.

Online dating isn’t for me but video streaming? It will always bring me joy. If you were me, obvious naman ano pipiliin mo di ba?

My 30-Hour-a-Week Lover

I wrote this 2 years ago. I don’t think my preference has significantly changed.

Quality - Quantity (2)
Halata ba na gumamit ako ng Canva?

I meant to share this crazy computation since I conceived it one humid commute along Quirino Avenue. This was borne out of an impression that a man may think I would be clingy and may demand most of his time when we get into a relationship. I know I do not need to break it down like this but, just for fun, let me show you how easy it is to be with me. Well, THAT IS if you hate clinginess (is this even a word), Saran wrappiness (maybe not a legit word), and all that jazz. If you are the kind of man who is into tethering your girlfriend 24/7 to your man-shirt and man-pants, then it is a different story, and more importantly, I do not want to be with you.

See, we have 168 hours in one week. I am gainfully employed, with average social interactions outside of work, and so into television shows and books. So, in a week, I devote:

  • 49 hours   – Sleeping. I am not young in that I can no longer stay up until 3 am and go to work the next day. I have to get 6-7 hours of sleep per night if I don’t want to get sick on the 4th or 5th day of the week. I treasure weekends when I can sleep in longer.
  • 45 hours   – Working. Which includes my lunch break. I may stay beyond that but I don’t count them as work, being that I am only paid for 8 hours a day.
  • 12 hours   – Commuting. This is an average of the total time I spend five days a week going to and from work and my regular weekend plans, which means no out of towns.
  • 12 hours   – Reading. This is a conservative average. It could go higher but I try not to get too invested in faeries, necromancers, political spies, horny billionaires, and demon slayers, so let’s keep it at that.
  • 7 hours   – Watching TV or movies. Again, a conservative average.
  • 5 hours   – Socials. I have to have time with my friends and not always with you, my lover.
  • 8 hours   – Personal time. This includes actual grooming time and other lady quirks. But it’s only roughly one point something hours a day. I do not wear makeup other than lipstick which always gets smudged off when I eat my cheese bread in the morning so I don’t need much time beyond taking a bath and other personal, TMI activities.

If we add them up, that’s 138 hours in a week. That leaves me 30 hours to be with you.

Just 30 hours. You are free to suggest whatever we can do during this time.  I could make adjustments and include you in other activities like commuting, watching movies, socials, and sleeping (that is 49 hours I am willing to devote not purely to sleeping, wink wink). At best, this is what I can offer.

Kidding aside (well, who says I am kidding in the first place?), it only means there are forms of freedom I can no longer give up. And I think it is healthy to have something like that. Some may say I am actually busy with all these things going on in my life. But if you focus on that 30 hours, that is still a void.

Just putting it out there because even with all these fun times, sometimes it can still get pretty boring and sad. Now don’t tell me be careful what you wish for because you just might get it (just might get it); don’t ruin it yet. It’s only 30 hours I’m trying to fill.

However, if you want to be with me longer, we can talk about it. Madali naman ako kausap.

Thank you, 2013.

Happy New Year! When I did a rundown of the first half of my 2013, it was quite eventful and hopeful. The last half of the year was pretty much the same. Of course, there’s still the “Another year has passed, what now?” vibe  by December 31.


tigger-picnic-03October saw me, and friends Rach and Carms in Bacolod for Rach’s birthday. The Peace Cup was also the same time so a live football game of the Azkals was a bonus. We went there for a gastronomic fix – Manokan Country, Calea, Pendy’s, Felicia’s – we tried them all. And they’re all good. Plus even when we were only three, the thrill of surprising a birthday celebrant when the clock strikes 12 will always be fun for me.

December brought me to Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. It was a sudden training opportunity which gave me the chance to meet colleagues from the East Asia Pacific bureau, catch up with friends, and be with family. Cramped, short, but very fun. Walking around downtown San Francisco (well, the stretch of Market Street and its environs, at least) is the most memorable for me.


I gave my reading report for the year and I tried to forget all about it. All I can say is I’m going to do better this year. Itaga mo yan sa matigas na bato. 😉


Turbulent and messy! The income tax spectacle started this. I also do not know what happened except that I spent a lot. And just when I thought I’m the only one, I hear people who are in the same boat, and frankly, it makes me feel a little bit better. Hahaha! I told my friend it’s a problem I brought to myself anyway. I could blame the government, I could blame the economy, but ultimately, I’m to blame. During the last quarter, my ledger’s a mess. It’s not attractive for a thirty-something to ask money from her mother yet I have done it last year many times. In one of my holiday dinners, I asked one of my best friends to pay for half of my dinner. That’s how terrible it was…is. Though really, it is annoying to complain about having very little money [compared to past Christmases, at least] when many people do not have anything left at all, right? But selfishly speaking, it’s really a tough time, and if you are a relative or a godchild from a distance, you would have felt it. 2014 will be spent restructuring my finances, or whatever’s there to salvage.  It’s just in the way you look at it, Judie.


tigger-alphablock-03I opened my year with a reading day at a public school, courtesy of my bestfriend, on my birthday. I also dabbled into a teaching session with kids living in Manila North Cemetery with the help of the people from ATD Fourth World (thanks, Laine, for this). Of course, everyone has heard of the terrible Yolanda/Haiyan devastation and at least for two sweaty days I got to assist in repacking goods for the casualties within the week after it happened. I also worked with organizations in collecting monetary donations for the victims. It’s an ongoing project and with that is the desire to be there until everything slowly rebuilds.


What kept me glued: The Newsroom Season 2, big Sherlock re-watch before season 3, Scandal, The Blacklist (aha, my daddy issues — Lizzie IS Raymond Reddington’s daughter, dagnabbit), The Goldbergs, regained love for Mike & Molly. Plenty more kept me entertained. If you noticed, Homeland is conveniently missing. It was pushed back in my to-watch list until season 3 ended without me noticing. This year I plan to go back to it. Save money, watch TV! LOL.


tigger-sleephearts-01Hahaha! Anong meron? 2013 actually started off fun then it became not fun and I admit it’s my fault and I was genuinely sorry. See, when there’s someone you think is available, then it turns out he’s no longer available, the next logical course is to stop. I did not. I had fun provoking and posting stuff because I know the girl was reading until it became a bit messy. Was it right? No. Was it fun? Yes, to an extent, THAT TIME. The “it’s never gonna happen” part was clear to me so I wasn’t provoking because of that; it’s that if you know me, at times I do not like the appearance of losing, or in this case, being caught off-guard and embarrassed like that. [What a vindictive bitch.] I did not regret what happened afterwards between the guy and me even if it’s just a bibliophile kind of friendship because we like very different things. Oh well, I just laugh at it now. I’m not doing it again though. I promise. Life is short to be spent doing things like that.

I may be shallow (and vindictive) at times but really, I also get pleased very easily and gets satisfied with small amounts of affection. That’s why simply acknowledging I was always there, as small a gesture as “favoriting” my tweets, always appreciating anything I do, it warms my heart. But it’s not meant to flourish anyway and there was never any indication it will. He’s back in Sweden and if he thinks it’s for the best, I believe it.

Right now, it’s simple but promising (and a tad funny in a giggling fit kind of way), this romantic landscape. I said it before and it’s still the same. I’m happy with whatever is there. I do not take myself seriously the way I did in my twenties; too much insecurity back then because of my weight and overall appearance, too much apprehension because of my supposed image — all deserves a “WTF was that?” right this moment and a shower of yucks.  If nothing’s going to happen, well, I have ways to make myself happy, hehe (I have my books and pirated TV shows, ano ba, get your mind off the gutter). 🙂 Plus I have my own problems to sort and maybe a man will just be a distraction this year (see plan of action in ON FINANCES, above). Let’s see. All I want to do this year is to have fun in everything I do. Nakakapangit ang stress.


I tried applying for another job early in the year but was turned down. I took it as a sign to stay put and possibly do something more to polish my brand. I don’t know if it worked. Hahaha! I was sent for training so even if there’s nothing in print about having to stay, I still feel the need to be more productive to be worthy of the training I got, no matter how short it was. Ten years, man. I may feel lacking and ignorant and clueless at times but I also cannot deny my institutional knowledge and how useful I am in my organization. A decade. Wow. Of course, if a better opportunity comes along, I will definitely consider. “Better” is strictly relative and even when I’m in dire need, taking a job with a higher pay but is obviously not a good fit for me or it’s in a bit of a messy environment, I will pass. Happiness is more important. Yay, where did that come from? 🙂


tigger-confetti-01I plan to work harder (emphasis on -er, LOL) and just be happy each day. I will be out of the calendar, as a popular Pinoy joke goes, in a few days, and frankly, I do not feel any different. If anything, I feel more confident and secure than when I turned, say, 22 — that was the age when I said I’ll take my life more seriously — be it in my romances and hooking up, school activities, work plans — and look where it got me. Only the “work” part paid itself nicely. Gah. 🙂

2013, overall, you were good. Emotional, freaky, fun. Thank you.

On to a new year with hopefully better prospects, more hugs, more books, and more bacon. And French fries. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Review: World War Z

I discovered that I wrote but did not publish a review of WORLD WAR Z last year.  I watched its film version and I liked it, despite the hesitations I mentioned in my eight-month old review below.  In my opinion, the movie is nothing like the book and it’s the main reason why I enjoyed it.  A movie version needs a protagonist, someone the book clearly doesn’t have, an a plot to go around with, which the book also does not have in a coherent tone, as it only has vignettes of interesting instances.  Anyway, here’s what I thought of the book:

World War ZI read this WORLD WAR Z for eight long months. Yes, you read it right. It was one of my books-in-a-bag and I’ve been changing bags weekly and on weekends, so there [or this sounds like a lame justification for my slow reading pace, so yeah].

So, the book. I liked it a lot. The stories presented a horrific time probably worse than past world wars. The narration made me feel lucky that I wasn’t there to endure it. The survivors-slash-interviewees, though not everyone was likeable, were waxing poetic over their different journeys.

I admit there were parts I did not gloss over as much, mainly those that dealt with actual tactical military operations, complete with ammunition and warcraft terminologies. I am just not into those kind of details. But I tried to understand what happened in each event because the book’s narration has that ability to tie itself back to the entire zombie apocalypse picture regardless of slight deviations. If only for these return-to-the-plot storytelling, I feel I did not lose a lot by not being interested in those matters.

I tried remembering the characters but eight long months did not bode well with this endeavor. There were standouts though – I can say that the most unforgettable stories to me were that of the blind Japanese, another Japanese who escaped building by building, until he got a place of refuge [with the former], and the female Air Force pilot suffering from hallucinations [or not?]. One of the things I cannot forget is an intelligence officer’s account; not so much the character but what they were asked to do: to leave the civilians with the infected ones by blowing up connecting roads so they will be isolated. That was a way out but practically an equivalent of genocide. I stumbled upon a site with a rundown of the characters and brief descriptions for each. Feel free to read if you wish to be spoiled about the book, or have a file to refer to in case you have read the book for a long time and you forgot many stuff you read about *ahem*.

The book touches on social and political matters and how governments are handling tragedies. Some act for the benefit of their people, some for the upper class and high-ranking bureaucrats, some become rogue enough in order to survive. If we take away the zombie element of this book, this will still be ripe with interesting issues, particularly for those who are into war stories and extreme survival tales.

This book will be a film soon courtesy of Brad Pitt’s production company, and will star himself as well. Frankly, I am a little skeptical because putting together a richly narrated story into a film is very ambitious. I’m sure they will weed out some stories, unless they want it to be hours and hours long, so I just hope the adaptation will be justified. I have not watched all book-to-film adaptations, I have not seen anything where I can truly say it stayed true and honored the promise of the book where it was based from. But let’s save it for future discussions. (November 2012)

X  X  X


Half of the year is over.  If you think it went too fast, I say it’s just about right.  It’s been an eventful ride.

Bouncing TiggerHighlights?

You may have read about THE pox.  The rollercoaster of emotions involving my one true love: reading books.  I also climbed Mt. Batulao.  Helped in a bay cleanup in celebration of Earth Day.  Went to Hongkong with friends.  Watched  a live improv show which stirred my theater performer tendencies.  I also passively took part in a monthly office project which enforced the Mackenzie McHale in me [I love the adrenaline rush – I’m that easy].  AND PLENTY MORE INTERESTING, HEARTWARMING, DEPRESSING, SHOCKING, MOSTLY FUNNY EVENTS:

If there’s one thing I want to leave, it’s the growing rumor especially in my family that I am not single anymore.  I guess it’s because of some Facebook photos, and hunches — which when passed on to others became varying versions of the “truth”.  While I appreciate people looking out for me, or curious about what’s happening to me, I just laugh at them instead of defensively parrying questions one by one.  Some people imply it, some are blunt enough to drop names, and very recently, one was opinionated enough to let me know there’s something uncomfortable in “going out with someone prettier than me”.  Wow. Gah. I understand where said person was coming from [uhm, I tried].  See, the guy in question is your usual dapper and dandy type, and yeah, I probably look like a taong grasa beside him. LOL.  Anyway, there’s nothing to it.  We were in several pictures together in and out of the office, we always talk, and maybe to a degree, I like being with him because he’s filling the gap left by someone who was with me for a while [still not a romantic partner, mind you].  There were also other men I decently posed with in several events, and I said, parrying the matchmaking attempts is futile.  I bet if I posed beside a giant balete tree, they will still start speculations.  In some twisted way, I appreciate their endless support to see me be happy with someone.  This, not knowing that serious, major romantic developments unfold in my life without people knowing.  It’s not that I’m not proud of it, it’s just that my innate introversion comes alive because I take my relationships seriously. [Take that LOLWHUT face out, please.]

Speaking of major developments, one of the best parts of the first half of the year is seeing one of my bestfriends N get married.  It was a very intimate event where all of us had roles.  I haven’t cried in a wedding before that event.  It’s a very significant milestone for all of us.  No one’s going to follow suit soon, that I’m sure.


One of my bestfriends M [we’re six in the group, okay, haha] paved the way for me to fulfill one of my dreams: read to schoolkids and share my love for books [and learning in general].  We did it on my birthday which made it doubly special.  M, during her spare time, organizes reading programs targeting far flung public schools in our hometown of Imus [with the help of our other bestfriend L as photographer].  It’s not big in magnitude but what makes me so proud about doing it with her is that we did everything ourselves, sans huge tarpaulins, VIP speakers, commercial donations.  We may not have given a lot, but I know we made a difference even just for a day.  I promised I will do it with her again soon.

One of my college friends T also gave me a chance to speak in front of university students [her students, pursuing the same major as ours] and speak about my life after graduation.  It made me look back and assess where I am now.  Not bad, I thought.  Not bad.  More importantly, after that visit to our mother college, it made me realize it’s important to give back.

One of the ways I gave back is by helping once again my book club to mount a fundraiser so we can assist UP students in need.  With our busy schedules, a movie screening is our tested project to generate scholarship funds.  Planning started a bit late for us so we took IRON MAN 3 off the table.  We were left with STAR TREK and FAST & FURIOUS 6; “sellability” and planning time considered, we chose the latter.  Long story short, we were able to assist six students this semester.  We’re looking at CATCHING FIRE this November to carry them through the next semester.  Let’s see. Most of you, my readers, are my ticket buyers, too.  Yes, I know!  And I’m forever grateful. Winking smile


My job is still the same but I can say I’m happier now after the workspace reorganization.  Live action and constant chatter and activity did good to me.  I tried venturing out once more but was again turned down.  It’s cool, it’s fine.  I didn’t lose anything.

If anything, I even learned a lot by not moving out.  The past months had me digesting legalese after legalese, I swear I could work for the international tax division when there’s a chance.  I love the “senior” roles thrown my way, too.  So far, so good.

I also started going out with some of my foreigner-colleagues for lunch and some night-time activities.  It’s been fun.  I hope they feel the same, though I haven’t felt anything at all to make me feel otherwise.  I don’t know why I, or many of us local employees, haven’t done – or stopped doing – this.  I am learning a lot.  Sometimes I may look creepy just listening in but I like it more.  I speak when I want to.  WE’RE BUILDING BRIDGES!  [There’s a not-so private joke about this in the office complete with a funky dance move.]


Tigger with open armsI started football training for my workout.  I  don’t know yet if I’m going to continue but the Saturdays when I played, I really felt energized.  Oddly, two of my vampyre disease attacks occurred during outdoor football events [February and May].  Maybe I’m made for indoor football.  Should I start learning futsal instead?

Oh, many more things happened from January to June.  That’s how fruitful it was.  They all made me very excited for the second half of the year.

What about you, what happened to you in the past six months???

Judayski’s Best of 2012 (And A Few Unfortunate Events)

The year is about to end so what better way to bookend it than a list of great, wonderful things I experienced this year.  I may have had setbacks which I took really seriously but overall, it’s a very blessed year for yours truly.

best of lifeBest Event: Turning 30.  It’s just a number, yes, but it’s a big one for me.  I threw the  imaginary blueprint I formed in my twenties and created a new one in my head.  It didn’t feel much differently, save for new emotional depths I now have (I swear, hahaha).

Best Work-Related Event: More stability within my team, compounded by the addition of a new member.  I suffered a great loss toward the end of 2011 but five months later, I knew I made the right choice, considering all aspects surrounding  the dynamics of my immediate workplace.  Ah, basta.

Most Wasted Opportunity: I wasn’t able to sustain my social media volunteer work with Visayan Forum Foundation.  I thought it’s going to be breezy and handy but it didn’t come easy.  Maybe it’s the subject matter; maybe I chose an advocacy that while very timely and worthy, isn’t necessarily my cup of tea.  Sayang.  But now I know, and I can cross it off my list.

Best Azkals/Local Football Moments:  (1) Advancing to the semi-finals of the Suzuki Cup  (2) Global FC’s UFL championship game vs. Loyola Meralco Sparks last June — oh, my emotions that night, (3)  winning the Peace Cup.

Terrible Football Moments: (1) Loss to Singapore in the semi-finals stage of Suzuki Cup.  If we were trampled early on, it would have been easier to accept.  But I know everyone did everything they can.  (2) The sexual harassment case against Angel Guirado and Lexton Moy.  Come on, I’m a woman who will fight you to the death if you offend me, but I can also see what’s overreaction when I see one.  Enough said., (3) Global FC’s loss to Stallion FC in the United Football Cup championship.

Best Outcome of Football Fangirling: My football core group.  We dearly call ourselves Fandesals, the meaning of which will be kept to ourselves. 🙂 I love the friendship we formed that transcended football (o, Rach, transcend!).  I love all the games we watched together but the better part of it is our “debriefing” sessions.  I love you all, guys.

best of futbolBest TV show discovery:  The Newsroom.  Consider this: Aaron Sorkin.  News.  I don’t need to say more.  Runners up : Suits, seasons 1 and 2.  The Walking Dead season 3, after a crapfest called season 2.

Best (and Worst!) Physical Activity I Participated In:  Merrell Trail Run on June 2, 2012.  I thought my Corregidor experience was it but no!  For this one, we braved 10 kilometers of extremely muddy, mountainous trail in  Timberland Heights.  For four freakin’ hours.  It’s like a military bootcamp.  Immediately after that, I can barely feel my lower extremities.  When I got home after the event, I slept for 14 hours straight.  But the best part? The experience with my friends.  I will do it again, if the chance presents itself.  Seriously.

Best Out of Town Trip: Bacolod, last June.  Sure, it was for football, but it was also a chance to explore that interesting city.  We had an amazing host who brought us to most of the worthy spots.  The best part was the food trip.  I think I gained the size of a toddler after that trip.  Runner Up : Baguio in March with my Mom.  We stayed inside the Embassy compound.  The fact that Baguio is my second favorite city in the Philippines is why it’s great to begin with.  No ghosts, contrary to rumors, so it’s cool.

Best It’s-Long-Overdue Action:  I had glasses fitted.  I no longer squint just to read all my correspondence!

Best Charity Work Out of Just Using My Big Mouth: Sending five scholars to UP from the proceeds of our The Avengers screening.  I just sold tickets to a movie people wanted to watch anyway.  I’m so proud of my book club, Ex Libris Philippines, for staging this project.  Next year ulit!

Best Achievement:  Successfully going through a six-month book-buying ban.  I’m so proud of myself.  I didn’t die!  However…

Tiny Bibliophile-Related Setback:  I was allowed to buy books on July 1 so between that time and this writing, I amassed 77 books already.  That number excludes the books generously given to me by my former boss, I won on giveaways, and given by friends as gifts.  I don’t know what to say.  This is my eternal love, in case you just met me today.

Worst Losses: Deaths of an uncle and an aunt who loved me dearly.  My familial setup is not your boring and conventional kind so growing up, having people who care for you genuinely is one of the best coping mechanisms. One of my bestfriends also lost her mother and as I said, this kind of loss for us is a different league of its own.  My mentor’s husband, with whom I shared the same birthday and never failed to make me remember it, also passed on.  A consolation in my heart is that I know, they are with my father now in heaven.  They can swap stories up there.

Worst Abandonment Experience: Denoy leaving for a new job over at the other compound — five kilometers away.  I know, abandonment is over the top, but what do you want me to use?  I was left behind?  Okay, that will do.  Seriously, when he left in July, I thought it’s going to be easy.  My friend got a job he actually wanted to do!  But hey, it wasn’t easy.  Imagine losing the most constant, everyday fixture in your life for five years.  It helped that I avoided going to the 2nd floor since he moved.  For a time I was at a loss, even if I know he’s just a phone call away.  It sounds corny, but even if we annoy each other most of the time, he’s like a gum under my shoe that just won’t go away.  I still miss him especially when there’s something — serious or shallow — I want to tell, a guy problem I want his opinion on…and then I’ll realize he’s not there anymore, available by 11:30 a.m.  I have other male friends but they can never replace him.  Anyway, lately, I think I have accepted it fully.

Best Full-Size Aortic Pump Moment: I have moved on from SG.  After a year.  He’s not coming back and even if he does, it’s better this way.  I never regretted the last seven years (especially since not every single day of those seven years was just about him — I had diversions, LOL).  But seriously, it’s fine now.  I know that the lines will always be open, and he constantly proved that to me, so I take comfort in that and I’m ready to face the other direction.  Time to find a new one.  Pwede na. Bigyan nyo na ako ng listahan ng pagpipilian.🙂 I have short-listed names.  Hahaha.

Super Duper Bestest Part of 2012:  I’M STILL ALIVE.  Healthy, employed, loved.  Nothing can beat that.

So, how’s your 2012?

The Mistress

I watched The Mistress twice and my opinion didn’t change.

Sari is a wardrobe mistress (apparently what you call a female master cutter — so as in modista ba yun?) who came across a persistent admirer named JD, an architect.  Their paths crossed again when JD worked in the renovation of the tailoring shop where Sari works.  He pursued her relentlessly but she could not entertain him fully because she’s a mistress of a man named Rico Torres, a man years and years her senior.  Worse, Rico is JD’s father.  Tadaaaa.  I know, right? =)

This movie presented nothing new and frankly, it fell short of expectations.  It clearly showed it’s not always true that the strength of something is when you bring the greatness of each of the elements together.  See, John Lloyd and Bea’s individual depths as actors are really stronger now than during their Popoy/Basha days; factor in seasoned actors Ronaldo Valdez, Hilda Koronel, and even Anita Linda, and you’d think it’s a powerful ensemble, but no.  They stood out on their own and it did not necessarily contribute to the success of the film as a whole.

When you watch the trailer, you would think that the wait to reveal that JD is the son of Sari’s lover — and how it would mess up their already messed up lives — will keep you glued.  It did not happen, so naturally, you’d expect something else, a more compelling twist.  Well, friends, that was it.  I guess, one could argue that that’s how real life unfolds, and it is not as dramatic as the movies fashion it to be.

Speaking of realistic portrayals, the ending was acceptable.  It would be too love conquers all crappy if it ended happily.  Plus, delicadeza.  That’s a good thing to show.  In the end, I still had respect for the characters, especially the “mistress”.

I just cannot comprehend using Snow Patrol.  Twice.

Overall, the movie was okay.  For once though, the cameras were friendlier to Bea Alonzo’s face than John Lloyd’s.  Well, I loved her close-ups more, maybe her make-up artist is the one to thank for the most part.  I still got affected by John Lloyd’s crying puppy eyes.  I teared once — at the scene with Sari, her mother, and her grandmother.  Tumagos ang payo ni lola.  At the end of the day, the wisdom of your elders is always smack dab in the middle of all these craziness with all these stupid choices we make.

Alive, Somewhere Else

I thought I could be that avid book blogger I wanted to be for the past six months but I couldn’t.  I tried.  Anyway, my consolation is that things are happening in my life, so it’s not as drab as I thought.

No updates about work and its peripheries even if it took most of my time, mainly because it’s something that’s always there, it’s not worth mentioning.  Still, I’m grateful.  On the family front, a sad event made it to my family as one of my beloved aunts passed away on Friday morning.  I have said it time and again that it’s terrible I get to come home to Cavite only when someone dies.  It forces me to re-think if it really is home.  A part of me says it still is, even if I have been out of there in more than a decade.  I still have bouts of mapping out a return of the prodigal town daughter but finances and basically a hazy future cannot make me commit to it.  Let’s see what happens in ten to twenty years.  For now, the most interesting thing I noticed was that almost everything looks smaller now; the size of the houses of my uncles and aunts, the streets, my favorite play corners.  Either they shrunk or I grew.  I am not sure what.

I also hit a reading slump because nine days into this month and I only finished one book.  Getting back on track soon.  It’s that time when no matter how ‘easy’ I think the reading material is, I really read very slowly.

Football time is slowly making itself felt in my calendar, too.  Just last week, the national team had two games (0-0 versus Cambodia on Wednesday and 2-0 versus Singapore [Yay! We haven’t won against them since 1972!] on Friday), and another one tomorrow (versus Laos).  These are all FIFA-sanctioned friendlies.  By the end of the month, they will be up against Guam, Chinese Taipei, and Macau for the Peace Cup (formerly the Long Teng Cup).  I’m happy we are hosting it so we get to watch all the games live!  As for the Premier League, I can only hope that Arsenal’s games versus Man City and Chelsea [most especially!] towards the end of the month will be carried by ESPN.

Fall TV season started as well.  I decided not to cramp my viewing calendar so I’m only looking forward to Castle, The Good Wife, The Mentalist,  and The Walking Dead.  While waiting for their season premieres, I have Suits, the latest of Doctor Who, and Downton Abbey to keep me company.  I’m still nursing some The Newsroom withdrawals.  The more vitriol that new show gained, the more I endeared myself to it, I don’t know why.  Maybe I love Aaron Sorkin that much.  Speaking of new shows, I’m not holding my breath for Elementary, a supposed US spinoff of Sherlock Holmes, but I’m adding it on my list, for good measure.

What else, what else?  Oh yeah, I watched The Phantom of the Opera today!  I’m glad they made the Philippines a part of their tour itinerary.  The show was amaaaazing.  Way better than the movie, not that they should be compared.  I still teared at the end!  Oh the fate of a broken heart. 😦  My friends and I were talking that after this, Wicked should come here next!  I’m sure it will be big, if not a bigger hit.

Tomorrow, we’ll be facing another hectic work week.  Same old, same old.  With small jolts and mini-excitements in between.  =)

Year in Review: Can’t Get Enough of TV

Early this year, I posted a twopart entry devoted to TV shows (98% US TV) I regularly watch.  Almost 12 months later, many of them were in the backburner but totally not forgotten; a few still remained; and a few were added to my list of favorites.

Suffice to say, I still watch [H]ouse even with the abrupt departure of Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein made a controversial exit last May).  The Big Bang Theory is still my staple comedy show although I need to catch up with Community.  I have warmed up well to Body of Proof, and waiting for FBI Agent Derek Ames to come back.

I still love The Walking Dead.  The last scene of the mid-season finale left me in shivers – I’ve always been vocal about the search for Sophia after she disappeared in the forest, so when she went out shambling from the barn, it was an OMG moment, until Rick shot her in the head.

Two new shows got me hooked – American Horror Story and Once Upon A Time.  The former is just pure mindfuck.  Veteran actors Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy kill it everytime.  The latter is pure enjoyment and a little mystery.  It’s the child in me, the lover of fairy tales, that got me hooked.  It’s also nice to see Jennifer Morrison on the tube again after her departure from [H]ouse.

Currently, I’m enjoying Homeland, and aside from the plot (relevant tags include FBI, CIA, Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorist, traitor, conspiracy, you get the drift), I also said it that exposition-wise, you have wider ground to play on when you’re on cable (the show is on Showtime).

My latest craze probably is Castle.  I’m almost done with season 3, although I left season 1 for later.  I got curious with the barrage of tweets from my friends so I gave it a try.  It’s fun with your typical crime procedural formula.  I even saw a hint of The Mentalist; Kate Beckett=Teresa Lisbon, Richard Castle=Patrick Jane, Kevin Ryan=Wayne Rigsby, Javier Esposito=Kimball Cho, and probably a little of Lanie Parrish=Jane Van Pelt.  It’s just a formulaic pattern and I hope the fans won’t stone me; the similarities really end there.  For now, I can recite the show’s intro by heart:  There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people: psychopaths and mystery writers. I’m the kind that pays better.

There are still a lot I would like to either try or go back to soon (Suits, Revenge, Game of Thrones, etc).  I cannot help it, I’m a TV junkie. 😉 I’m highly anticipating Aaron Sorkin’s show on HBO called More As This Story Develops.  I might also start following a local soap titled Walang Hanggan.  The options are endless.  So little time, really.

Episode backlog

You know already that I watch a lot of TV.  Lately, I wasn’t able to find time to watch my “regulars”.  Maybe this weekend I’ll slowly start to keep up.  Summer TV episodes are almost over and how many did I miss so far?

COVERT AFFAIRS – Five episodes (6 to 10 of the current season)

My last episode was when Auggie briefly quit the CIA.  My friends are big fans of the Joan/Arthur scenes and I know I missed quite a lot already.

DROP DEAD DIVA – Six episodes (2 to 9 of the current season)

Yup, I did not watch after the season 2 premier. 😦  Too bad.  I didn’t even know Kim Kaswell returned to Harrison & Parker already.

HOT IN CLEVELAND – 2 episodes (18 and 19)

This one I barely missed much because it’s easy to watch.  It only runs for 19-20 minutes so I breezed through them easily.  Still, that’s two episodes I didn’t get to see.

WAREHOUSE 13 – Five episodes aka all the aired episodes of season 3.

I know this one got the farthest seat in my effort to prioritize what I will watch.  Synopses and discussions which I just glance at hint that Myka left the Warehouse and Pete’s got a new partner.  I don’t know what happened and what did not and I’m excited to put together the pieces and watch.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – 3 episodes (7 to 9 of the current season)

This show is a real guilty pleasure despite the early saturation point of all the teenage drama.  What keeps me hanging on is how ridiculously evil “A” is.  I still say “A” is Mr. Fitz and Spencer’s sister Melissa.  I don’t know how and why so, I just feel it’s them, hahaha.

SUITS – Six episodes

I only watched the first two episodes and liked it.  I even told someone kapag ganoon ang mga lawyers mo, ang sarap magdemanda.

I have to catch up with these shows not only to finally watch them but to have a clean slate before the Fall TV shows come in starting next month.  In that, I have to give more time to watch because if all the shows I want to watch will be on, that’s  9 shows a week that I have to keep up with (House, Desperate Housewives, The Good Wife, Body of Proof, Raising Hope, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, The Mentalist) with the much-anticipated The Walking Dead a little later in October! 🙂

See, too much TV, too little time!


A fun fan!

After two years, I added my blog again to National Blog Posting Month’s (NaBloPoMo) blogroll for June.  The theme for June is FAN.  It could be about the physical fan (as summer kicks in in the West) or as a fan of something or someone.  I totally have lots of experiences on the latter and I can only hope I can sustain my interest in telling you all about them.

To recap my “adventures” in the past months that I’ve not done this, it may interest you to know that:

  • I’m still a big fan of [H]ouse.  The voluntary departure of Lisa Edelstein was a real shock to me.  I still like the show and I understand that it reached its saturation point many seasons ago so it’s really bound to be mediocre at times.  I cannot promise to watch as regularly as I used to with the non-appearance of Lisa Cuddy but I’ll still be a fan.
  • I love Dana Delany’s new crime procedural Body of Proof.  I’m happy it got warm reception and was renewed for season 2.  Delany’s Megan Hunt is tough as nails but likable.  It’s seldom that a damaged protagonist is a woman so this is a breath of fresh air.  Megan Hunt is witty, observant, cold, confident, competitive, and silently emotional.  I love that entire package.  Plus her heels!  I love her heels and her whole get up, down to the purse with her medical examiner badge pinned to it.  If I go back to my ideal BMI, I will dress up like her to the office.  lol.
  • I’m also a fan of the axed NBC show Outsourced.  I wish it was given more time to grow its legs on air.  I don’t feel it’s offensive as they said it was.  If anything, Americans were made fun of in equal amounts in many episodes.  Maybe it’s what brought it to the chopping board?  I don’t know but I believe it’s unfair.  Now that’s one less really funny show on network TV that’s cancelled.
  • Still a fan of many TV shows (I have no life, remember? :)) that I will have to devote a separate post for them when the summer TV season starts soon.

  • I am a big fan of young adult books.  They’re easy reads, a little less expensive, and I was amazed by the quality of most of them.  Whenever I flip through one, I imagine myself to be in its intended age group.  Many of them affected me much, some were just meh, some were okay.  Lucky for the young adults/tweeners of this generation; they have a slew of books dumped in shelves every month.  When I was young, we didn’t have much of that.  I believe that the supernatural/vampire phase is almost over.  The barrage of DYSTOPIA stories is here, and it made me very excited.

  • Still a fan of running (my running update will be up soon) and lately, Zumba.  I love dancing and now I found a time to do it outside my room. 🙂 Latin aerobics is sexy and it can really make you sweat buckets.  I didn’t regret joining.

What else am I a fan of?  Love, probably.  It’s that time of year again.  I promise to be less dramatic in cyberspace; that’s what my journal is for, anyway.

What else?  I’m a fan of bookmarks, coated cereals, color pens.  Raisins, paper products, long land travels, B movies.  I like a lot of things.  How about you?

My free gak while running

I seldom bring my iPod anymore when I run but in times when I do, my audio companion is not a playlist of fast, upbeat music, but actually a podcast.  The Walking Deadcast, to be exact.

The podcast is hosted by cool people named Jason and Karen.  I got the episodes for free from iTunes.  There are many The Walking Dead (TWD) podcasts on iTunes alone yet Jason and Karen’s grew on me first – and fast.  They do TWD episode dissections, run down their personal top 5 scenes, discuss zombie movies, interview TWD stars, and squeeze some zombie news (I mean, rumored stuff and otherwise in films, books, comics) in the pipeline.

The podcast lasted for 29 episodes.  I’m sure they will be back when TWD season 2 begins.

Interested in the podcast?  Visit their official site, like their Facebook page, or connect with the show through Twitter.  I did. 🙂

2010 in TV shows – Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

I had an on-again-off-again relationship with Cougar Town until July of this year when I decided to catch up with all episodes I missed in the midst of the hiatus. Since then, I didn’t miss an episode. I thought then that the show will revolve around serial hookups but it evolved into something worthy of a primetime slot. The cul de sac crew togetherness (often with wine) slowly became a variation of the Friends-type of relationship. They’re better this season, in my opinion. My fondness for Andy Torres is growing (much more when I learned he is married in real life to Nia Vardalos!) and the mom-son relationship of Jules and Travis is always heartwarming in its sometimes-annoying sense. And oh, confidence dance (I would have liked it more if they included the dance when Travis was accepted in two universities)!

I became an instant zombie convert the moment I watched the pilot episode of The Walking Dead. AMC gave us six episodes to comprise the first season, and it’s going to be a long wait until the next one on September 2011. In my opinion, the last three episodes were a little lacking in actual zombies but it gave way for presentation of characters, something that was not done in the comics version, where it was based from. The director of the series helmed the film version of the Stephen King’s The Mist, and you will see parallels in the treatment, along with very familiar actors. Also, because of this fascination with zombies, I’m thankful to my friend Erwin who gave me files after files of zombie films from as far back as the 1950s. Zombies are interesting personalities!

Like with Desperate Housewives, I let Community surprise me every episode. I thought Joel McHale as Jeff (forced to go back to college after a threat of disbarment because he faked his undergraduate degree), with all his antics in The Soup, would carry the show, but it’s not just him; the characters Abed, Troy, Shirley, Britta, Annie, Pierce, Senor Chang (a Spanish teacher who’s Korean!), and Dean Felton (he dressed up as Lady Gaga in the Halloween episode, so cool) bring the house down every episode. Abed and Troy’s outtake every end of the episode was something to look forward to. Their Spanish rap is still one of my favorite clips ever!

My long flight to San Francisco two Thanksgivings ago was what finally convinced me that 30 Rock is a funny show. I still have episodes in between that were left unwatched but I’m updated with season 5. Tracy isn’t as annoying to me now. His role was penned very well and he does the ignorant-idiot-sensitive guy effectively. Of course, who wouldn’t like Kenneth? I also love the relationship of Liz and Jack. I’m looking forward to be updated with past seasons. I’m likely to catch up during the season 5 hiatus.

Other notable shows that I enjoyed are The Good Wife (apart from Juliana Margulies, the Sports Night fan in me can’t help but adore Josh Charles again), Boardwalk Empire (I won’t be surprised if Steve Buscemi as Nucky will get high chances in the next awards season. Except for my slight beef on the ‘modern’ font used in some of their board announcements, I was impressed by the set and costume design to capture the Prohibition Era), Hawaii Five-O (McGarrett — who will always be Mick St. John to me — and Danno, another addition to my ‘bromance’ list!), and Nikita (have not gone past two episodes but man, Maggie Q is bad ass).

During the summer hiatus, interesting shows kept me company. I particularly liked Covert Affairs, Warehouse 13, Hot in Cleveland, and Pretty Little Liars.

I blogged about Warehouse 13 long ago and with the number of shows I watched, I wasn’t into this as I was when it premiered. However, I still made it to the end of season 2 and as most fans agreed to, the multiple guest appearances of the character of a female H.G. Wells (yup!) made the season more interesting.

Covert Affairs was still Alias-lite to me. For someone who didn’t dig Piper Perabo enough, I was surprised that I liked the series. I just hope Annie’s relationship with Auggie won’t turn into a romantic one. I like her more with Ben Mercer! I can also foresee Auggie gaining his eyesight back. But more than the lead character, I am so into husband-and-wife Arthur and Joan Campbell. One of my unforgettable line from Joan was, “I’m not a CIA wife, I’m a wife who works for the CIA.”* Peter Gallagher who plays Arthur was listed as special guest star while Kari Matchett who plays Joan was part of the regular cast. I hope they both stay longer. Their tension is so sexy to watch. Hooray for powerful men and women in love.

*Joan is the head of Domestic Protection Division where Annie works for while husband Arthur is head of National Clandestine Service.

I gave Hot in Cleveland a swift try and I didn’t let it go. My fascination with Wendy Malick during her Nina Van Horn days returned. Hot… was a funny take on what can actually happen when you reach your midlife. I wonder if Men of a Certain Age is as engaging. Anyway, apart from the sarcastic, always brutal and self-deprecating lines, the banter of Elka (Betty White) and Joy (Jane Leeves) are so hilariously dead-on. I can’t wait for the second season to come.

I may have given up on Gossip Girl and Glee but I found a YA show in the midst of too many TV adaptations of books. Pretty Little Liars was engaging, most especially since it veered away a little from what happened in the published series. Four girls are haunted by their ‘dead’ friend A (or Allison), played by Sasha Pieterse, who also played the cancer-stricken girl Andy in [House] season 2, the one who Chase kissed, remember? Anyway, back to PLL, I like Spencer Hastings the most. The treatment of the show makes it appear that Aria is the lead of the ensemble though of course they wouldn’t admit that. The season ended with someone running over Hanna because she already knew who “A” was. Let’s see how they would play it out.

I also want to make special mentions of the British shows Psychoville and Miranda. The former is a twisted thriller with enough lunatics whom you will end up rooting for in an equally twisted way as the plot. It’s fun. I hope the US does not attempt to make an Americanized version, like what they did to Life on Mars, Being Human, etc. The latter, Miranda, I accidentally stumbled upon on youtube. I watched all its episodes there. Just trust me when I say that it is really funny. I’m fat and single so it’s so relatable to me. But even if you are not, as long as you find yourself in any daily uncompromising situation, you will find Miranda so spot on.

Other shows that I watched but I wasn’t able to regularly follow, either because of time or interest: Chuck (I was so into it in early in the year; most likely I’ll catch up soon), The Good Guys (Bradley Whitford and a mustache don’t really go along well), The Event, No Ordinary Family, Outsourced, Rubicon, Haven, and Melissa and Joey.

Whew. What about you, what did you watch in 2010?

2010 in TV shows – Part 1

Part 1 – Before the year ends, I would like devote a space for stuff that occupied my dorky life – TV shows! 🙂 I know too much TV is bad for my health and at times, bad for my social life, too.  I am just blessed by a satisfactory internet connection, online friends (‘fandom’, anyone?), and sufficient time in my hands that enabled me to enjoy TV shows to my heart’s content.  Truly, there are too many of them, for so little time. (I started this post when Simone was still working. *sniff sniff*)

Let me give you the shows that still interest me through the recent years, and new ones that got me hooked:

Of course, [H]ouse still dominates my TV show preferences.  I live off on this show’s spoilers and episode dissections.  However, I am not that invested (you should see some of the hardcore fans, my ‘fangirling’ pales in comparison) and I take whatever is given to me by the show runners.  Sure, I miss the intense medical drama and the clinic patients, but I still take the plotlines each week for what they are.  House and Cuddy in a relationship is a wonderful bonus.  The addition of Amber Tamblyn was a good move and even though there’s too much Thirteen hate in the fandom, I really miss Olivia Wilde and I can’t wait for her character to return before the season ends.

I already said before that with all the shows, I wasn’t privy to Desperate Housewives spoilers and it’s not by choice – I just don’t happen to be connected to online communities with these stuff; either that or spoilers about it are so minimal.  Still, I cannot miss the drama on Wisteria Lane.  This season isn’t comparable to their previous ones and the addition of Vanessa Williams did nothing new but only as a mere lame shadow of Nicolette Sheridan’s (late) Edie, but I still find enjoyment out of watching them make a spectacle out of their lives.

No one can replace Friends in my heart but The Big Bang Theory, to me, is the Friends of this generation.  This is the only show that makes me laugh out loud many times in a 20-minute episode.  I am glad that Jim Parsons is getting the attention and recognition he rightly deserves.  The cast, even after 4 seasons, still work coherently together.  The frequent guest spots of Mayim Bialik as the nerdy Amy Farrah Fowler was a great move.  Her lines equal in hilarity to Sheldon’s, and even if I still cannot picture two nerds like them in a relationship, it would be pretty funny to see them try.  Let’s see.

I only started watching The Mentalist early last year and it is still interesting to me.  I like that Patrick Jane is still capable of surprising me with his ‘decoding’ skills although in many instances, I guessed who the culprit-of-the-episode was early on.  I am beginning to warm up to the new CBI* boss Madeleine Hightower (though a guest spot of her predecessor Virgil Minelli was a welcome surprise), I like that Jane and Teresa Lisbon aren’t an item, that Van Pelt and Rigsby are back to having just sexual tension, and that Jane still transforms into someone so intense when Red John is mentioned.  Of course, Senior Special Agent Kimball Cho is a separate entity worthy of my swooning altogether.

*California Bureau of Investigation

Next to TBBT, I had to elevate Modern Family to my top shows of this year.  I instantly fell in love with it last year and even though others say the quality dwindled this second season, I beg to differ.  More layers of their dysfunction were uncovered this year so it’s still very hilarious. They can even do without guest stars.  Very noteworthy was their Halloween episode!  I agree with the accolades accorded it this early in their run.  Watch this Emmy skit with the cast and their Oscars special.  Plus, I am so biased for Sofia Vergara.  Some do not like her thick accent but I find it so funny and adorable.  She seems so genuine, too.  A few nights back she was on Ellen and as usual, the interview cracked me up.

I started watching Raising Hope in November only and it became an instant favorite.  Sure, there were very corny scenes but the actors play loser-ness (:)) so well that they came across effectively on screen.  I have to give major props to Martha Plimpton who plays Virginia Chance.  Her mispronunciations are so hilarious (‘lie-bary’ for library, ‘procrasterbating’, etc) and she’s the perfectly imperfect mom to Jimmy, wife to Burt, grandmother to Hope, and granddaughter to Mee Maw.  It was very heartwarming when she (and a 15-year old her) sang “Danny’s Song” to keep baby Hope (and baby Jimmy in the flashback) from crying at night.  Aside from Virginia, I also fell in love with one of the baby girls they use to play Hope!  I’m happy that Fox picked up this show for one full season.  I hope it stays on.  Would be interesting to see Hope grow before the viewers eyes.

Next, Cougar Town, The Walking Dead, Community, and more…

Zombies: Fast or slow?

Here’s a short and interesting dissection of the fast versus slow zombie debate.  I personally prefer slow ones! On top of my reasons why is, obviously, because they’re easier to “escape” from compared to those who can sprint like mad.  However, if you watch the video, you will re-think this position (that slow zombies are easier to get away from).  Nonetheless, I’m a sucker for slow, shambling, grunting, gak-filled zombies!

painless rundown

A watered-down version of the interesting week that was.

Monday was a choice between my make-up class in Spanish and the final bowling game between my agency and Public Affairs (aka mi amore’s team :)). It was an easy choice – I went to my Spanish class. Yes, I am very fascinated with that guy but I only want to be friends with him now. It’s very seldom that I see sociable + intelligent + good-looking rolled in one; I usually find men with, at best, two of these qualities, very rarely all three. So I like to associate myself with people like that, not really for romantic purposes. Unlike lovestruck girls, my ego would much rather enjoy being known as a friend of someone who many people like or look up to. Why? Because if you’re only friends, people will like you, too, but if you’re a romantic interest, even only as a ‘potential’ special someone, or one of those who harbors special affection for said popular person, they will surely hate you. See, it’s my sociopath mindset at work. Hahaha! But tell me where I’m wrong there!

Anyway, the make-up class was a review of everything we studied in the past 13 weeks. Found myself asking what it was that I put myself into. Again.

Tuesday, once more, was about Spanish class and bowling. And once again, I chose my Spanish class because it’s our diagnostic exam. I filed for leave in the afternoon so I can study. I killed time in a Starbucks near the office with Fiona Apple playing in the background. I twitted (or tweeted?) it and Fiona Apple replied. Hah. Anyway, our exam will determine if I can move on to level 4. I was confident on a few items but the listening section of the exam was a dumbass moment for me. A little similar to it was the 5-minute oral exposition. The first thing I thought of after the exam was…total surrender. It’s over and done with. Fin. 🙂

I had plenty of time to proceed to the bowling hall, at least to catch up with the awarding ceremony. I decided not to because a classmate/friend asked us to have dinner at this great shabu-shabu place in T.M. Kalaw. It was 50% off the menu prices after 9 pm. Who am I to let that opportunity pass? 🙂 I can now say I’m a shabu-shabu virgin no more.

Wednesday, a rainy day. Skipped my tango practice because my partner wasn’t here in Manila anyway. Book-shopped (three books for 105 pesos, not bad at all) and had dinner with a friend I haven’t been with in a long time. Conversations with him are always fun and very varied but there’s one topic we always go back to and for purposes of not exhausting all the wonderful potentials of that topic, I will not speak of it again the next time we go out. My friend paid for dinner so I guess that’s a good thing to add to this day.

Thursday was a holiday for us in commemoration of Veteran’s Day. If you know me well enough, it’s not strange anymore when I say I can watch TV shows for hours on end, pausing only to relieve myself. I did it again on this day. It’s great to catch up on most US TV shows I regularly follow. My best discovery was the hilarious new comedy Raising Hope. Also, The Walking Dead is the new shiznit, I’m telling you. Only two episodes have aired so it’s not too late to catch up. Zombies are love.

Friday, it was my bad, I arrived in the office an hour late. This was a VERY stressful day. Operation-wise, it’s aaack; I mean to the point that we had to ask ourselves, in between instruction-giving, what we were talking about – was it this update or this press release? This infosheet revision or this script? It was draining but as I said in my FB status, the masochist in me’s smiling the whole time.

Add to that were the collective concern and action to our colleague’s medical predicament, silently watching a ping-pong of sarcasm about some holiday party, potential exciting news for a friend on my birth month, and a docent session with international students from DLSU (something that I forgot I said yes to so I was so underdressed. Come on, it’s Friday!).

After work, I battled the prototype of hell known as “LRT1 and MRT on rush hour Friday”. I got to Megamall with all my organs and my dignity still intact.

Had dinner with my circle of Mean Girls which lasted a little after midnight. They also brought me to the flagship store of Forever21 and of course, I shopped because I’m such an easy person like that. It was fun, as usual.

Two more exciting days and this week is over. I should enjoy my days more so I don’t have to think of other things too much.




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Joining the flail bandwagon (NSFW)

I am so overwhelmed by all the House and Cuddy stuff online in anticipation of the 7th season premiere, so I don’t have the energy to explain what happened, why is this happening, and what will happen in future storylines.  Bottomline, after six TV years, twenty fictional years, House and Cuddy finally decided to give a relationship a try. Some fans even called it the culmination of 20 years of foreplay.  I cannot wait to see it fall apart and how they would handle it the House and Cuddy way.  I am hoping it’s still on the left of center, and not evolve into Grey’s Anatomy.  From what I read though, the premiere episode is going to be hot and heavy, and that’s good enough for me.

[H]ouse season 7 will premiere on September 20 on Fox.  So that’s September 21, Manila time, around 9 am.

Credit for the image above goes to Evie.  Check out her countdown-tagged tumblr posts to see more spoiler-heavy (some are NSFW) images.