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  • Here We Go Again, Hawaii

    Last February, I decided to book a flight to Hawaii. Oahu was fab and fun in 2018 but it’s interesting to try another island, yes? It was not a solo trip so with the other person’s concurrence, Maui it is…. Read More ›

  • Truth Thursday: The SF Commuter Experience

    Truth Thursday is a weekly feature here in my blog that talks about something that happened to me in the past or very recently that I would have otherwise kept but decided to share to you without hesitation and regrets… Read More ›

  • The One with the Guy I Met on Tinder a Year Ago

    This is neither a romance nor an original story. Despite saying I will stay away from dating apps and dating sites (“with finality”, ugh), I revived some accounts and met men thru there – the most interesting of which was the… Read More ›

  • Two Weeks

    It’s been two weeks and nothing significant has happened; In a way, I see it as slow, Then I realized it is because I subscribed to the validity of an experience By how fast it is unfolding. On the other… Read More ›

  • 2018

    This year, 2018, has been all kinds of interesting, eventful, hurtful, shocking, and surprising to me. In many aspects of my life, not just in one. Major shakeups and new feelings I didn’t know I can possibly feel. I don’t… Read More ›

  • The Big Holiday Catch Up

    It’s that time of the year when we find ourselves cramping our schedule with get-togethers. In a way I view it as a blessing having friends from different sets of interests and from different times in my life. The bonds… Read More ›

  • Nice to Meat You: Adobo Sunrise, Stir-Fried Beef and Charsiew

    I love meat. Fried, grilled (charred even), steamed, wrapped in pretentious edible paper, drowned in sour soup…you name it. I lean towards pork than beef most of the time. When presented with a choice, I’m getting both though. This year… Read More ›

  • Wakey Wakey Pancakey: Peanut Butter Banana and Ricotta Cheese Pancakes!

    I am one of those who eat pancakes not just for breakfast so I consider it a treat each time I go to a place that serves all-day breakfast in the menu. Of the ones I tried this year, these… Read More ›

  • Neurotic

    The man I currently like so much just told me I am the most neurotic person he has ever known. It may have been in jest, I don’t know. We were in the middle of what I consider a light… Read More ›

  • More Honolulu Goodness – Part 3

    Halfway through my short trip and I can say I already got the hang of it — I was waking up on island time, my body and the weather already reached an understanding, and I was raring to tick off… Read More ›

  • Diamond Head Day Hike!

    On my fifth day in Honolulu, on a Monday morning no less, I started the day hiking the crater of Diamond Head. It is a very common must-do for tourists because of its proximity to Waikiki and that it’s a… Read More ›

  • That Honolulu Trip – Part 2

    Aaaand my island adventures continue. Note that I am writing this nine months after they happened. The nostalgia and the longing bite me hard. I really should have finished writing this sooner, as in as soon as I was flying… Read More ›

  • Hawaii, Why, Why (Why Not) – Part 1

    That’s got to be one of the most forced titles ever. But hey, let us still talk about it. Because why not? One of my bestfriends is traveling to Honolulu in a few weeks and I cannot help but envy… Read More ›

  • Shoestring Adventures (A Teaser)

    I am off to a different continent with one of my bestfriends in a few days. To say that I have prepared for this well won’t be true. I may write about the trip upon our return, and I’m sure… Read More ›

  • An Effective StopGap

    I had time today to sit down and attempt stringing words together but came up with this new short one instead of finishing at least five entries that are 80% complete. My propensity to look back and re-read hinders me… Read More ›

  • I ride it out, I write it out.

    I am still at it. Each time I feel that writing about it, writing to him, is not doing it anymore, I hunker down and write some more. I have thousands of words about the things I feel. They are… Read More ›

  • Days

    There are days when all is good and steady, that despite the inconvenience and substitutions, you make do with what you have, and days end better than it started; it does not hurt as much, it does not make you… Read More ›

  • Quirk

    I once told someone I enjoy my red pasta with black coffee and, yes, I know it’s weird. “No, it’s not weird,” he said. “It’s very weird.” I also like my truffle fries with latte. I am set in my… Read More ›