book dump

Letting Go

I used to be a book hoarder. Well, I still am, but a significant change is that as I am collecting, I am letting go of books as well. I started it last summer when my niece expressed interest in… Read More ›


Over a month ago, I learned the Japanese term “tsundoku“, an informal word meaning buying books and not reading them, letting them pile up unread on shelves, floors, or nightstands.  Well, I’ve been ‘tsundoku-ing’ so bad this year, which isn’t… Read More ›

Loot Report – 33rd MIBF

I paid homage to the 33rd Manila International Bookfair today.  For three solid hours, I went around the SMX Convention Center visiting booths.  This year’s visit felt a little tight, really.  I skipped what could have been great buys because… Read More ›

Loot Report = 32nd MIBF

The 32nd Manila International Book Fair is over!  I’m happy to have hauled interesting items from the 5-day event.  I was there on opening day after the 1st Filipino Reader Conference but I was tired and battling a headache after… Read More ›

Quot libros!

Living up to this blog’s norm of sporadic updates, I would like to share today my latest books purchased from the succession of bookshop sales. I noticed that I am not a hardcore book hoarder anymore.  Two years ago, beginning… Read More ›

A Reminder From Tigger

Seriously, more than a hundred books bought in the last 9 months alone, add to my already huge piles of TBR? I have to do this. This is an investment where I enjoyed raking in the supplies but haven’t gotten… Read More ›

new babies

I am not in the mood to blog about the events of my wonderful week, which means Charlotte, my journal, got lucky again because she got to house all of them. Instead, let me share the latest books I bought…. Read More ›