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Letting Go

I used to be a book hoarder. Well, I still am, but a significant change is that as I am collecting, I am letting go of books as well. I started it […]


Over a month ago, I learned the Japanese term “tsundoku“, an informal word meaning buying books and not reading them, letting them pile up unread on shelves, floors, or nightstands.  Well, I’ve […]

Loot Report – 33rd MIBF

I paid homage to the 33rd Manila International Bookfair today.  For three solid hours, I went around the SMX Convention Center visiting booths.  This year’s visit felt a little tight, really.  I […]

Loot Report = 32nd MIBF

The 32nd Manila International Book Fair is over!  I’m happy to have hauled interesting items from the 5-day event.  I was there on opening day after the 1st Filipino Reader Conference but […]

Quot libros!

Living up to this blog’s norm of sporadic updates, I would like to share today my latest books purchased from the succession of bookshop sales. I noticed that I am not a […]

new babies

I am not in the mood to blog about the events of my wonderful week, which means Charlotte, my journal, got lucky again because she got to house all of them. Instead, […]