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The blog tour for Stella Torres’ latest book makes a stop here in Citizen Judie! Crushingly Close Release Date: July 19, 2016 Get the book: Amazon // Goodreads I got an ARC from the author. This in no way affects my honest… Read More ›

The Humans by Matt Haig

From Goodreads: Our hero, Professor Andrew Martin, is dead before the book even begins. As it turns out, though, he wasn’t a very nice man–as the alien imposter who now occupies his body discovers. Sent to Earth to destroy evidence that… Read More ›

Review: Bloody Horowitz

Here’s another collection of tales of the macabre from one of my favorite horror writers, Anthony Horowitz!  BLOODY HOROWITZ — the title lacks ingenuity, I know, but it doesn’t matter — features fourteen  horror stories, most of which are not for the faint… Read More ›

Review: World War Z

I discovered that I wrote but did not publish a review of WORLD WAR Z last year.  I watched its film version and I liked it, despite the hesitations I mentioned in my eight-month old review below.  In my opinion,… Read More ›

Review: Gone Girl

WOW.  I have too many things to say about this book, all in my head; I’m afraid that if I start moving, they will all disappear.  I really enjoyed reading this piece of work. I recommended this book to friends… Read More ›

Review: Relatively Famous

Meet Dani McKinley: A typical teen whose world is rocked when she finds out that her father is a famous Hollywood Action star. Now meet Mark Ocean: A self-serving actor with a floundering career who sees that a daughter is… Read More ›

Review: White Lilies in Autumn

I finished WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN two hours before we say hello to a new year.  I thought it’s fitting to learn life’s lessons through the author’s journey at this time of year. This book is a wonderful story of hope, love,… Read More ›