Brothers & Sisters

safety in numbers

I was three weeks late but I truly enjoyed the first eight minutes of the last episode for the year of Brothers & Sisters, Just A Sliver.  It aired on the first week of December but it still tackled the… Read More ›

“It does go away.”

[Contains show spoilers for season 3. Go somewhere else if you’re not like me who actually lightens up when reading spoilers. Thank you.] I am behind Brothers & Sisters episodes because I have been too caught up with House (believe… Read More ›

still sniffing

I cry at family dramas on TV. That’s one more thing you should know about me. Brothers & Sisters amuses me very much. It gives me a feeling that dysfunctional families are normal families.  They, the Walkers and their extensions, are… Read More ›

my kooky hormones…

I amaze myself with my daytime strength these days. Usually, I would be tired after office hours and even if I still reach the wee hours watching TV or going online, it’s usually just my mind awake; my body would… Read More ›

sleeping beauty

I wasn’t that tired last week that’s why I’m still wondering why my body asked for a lot more weekend sleep than usual. I barely had anything done because I kept on dozing off. Masan moments! Masandal, tulog! During the… Read More ›

passing through

I re-read my offline posts during the Holy Week. For some unknown reason I decided to keep them for now. I laughed at some of them because I can’t believe my anger for Smart Bro! The connection’s good now though…. Read More ›

some quotes to share

…before I delete them from my phone. ♣ Panibagong sagot sa tanong na, “How’s your lovelife?’ Eto, self-supporting! ♣ They say that smart people have stupid hearts. With the rate our hearts are going, damn, we must be f*ckin’ geniuses! … Read More ›

Simply put

Dahil sa alembong phase ko, I terribly missed how good it was to slouch on the couch (hey, that rhymed) and watch TV. The Riches, The Office (I watched two episodes for the first time and yeah, it’s funny, though… Read More ›