The Big Holiday Catch Up

It’s that time of the year when we find ourselves cramping our schedule with get-togethers. In a way I view it as a blessing having friends from different sets of interests and from different times in my life. The bonds… Read More ›

Merry Christmas!!!

So this is Christmas. What have you done? Wow, I’m asking myself the same thing. This day doesn’t feel so Christmas-y, have you noticed? I’m not being Grinchy though. I’m not expecting anything fabulous either. Technically, today signals my first… Read More ›

Return of the Judie!

Wow, it’s only been 9 days but it felt like ages ago. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss internet surfing like I used to whenever faced with a computer crash, an out-of-town vacation or a simple crazy week involving non-computer activities. Nagbabago… Read More ›

oh, dear God

I might be selling a scrape of my liver anytime soon. It’s supposedly my kidneys but I have unhealthy ones so it might not cost that much. See, I thought I was done with my Christmas shopping. After all, once… Read More ›