A fun fan!

After two years, I added my blog again to National Blog Posting Month’s (NaBloPoMo) blogroll for June.  The theme for June is FAN.  It could be about the physical fan (as summer kicks in in the West) or as a… Read More ›

Because I like bossy :)

What a gloomy Saturday. I spent my day resting and when I do that, I usually think of just anything. My thoughts turned to how I miss Cuddy reprimanding House. What can you do, I’m really a fan?! 🙂 Seriously,… Read More ›

the only me you get

This is not a filler post although maybe it is. Nonetheless, the moment I watched the episode of House last Tuesday, I knew I’m going to smile at these lines even after a few days. I could be taking them… Read More ›

Merry Christmas!!!

So this is Christmas. What have you done? Wow, I’m asking myself the same thing. This day doesn’t feel so Christmas-y, have you noticed? I’m not being Grinchy though. I’m not expecting anything fabulous either. Technically, today signals my first… Read More ›

fluffy Friday

I am feeling better today, actually since last night, because I did three strategies that worked perfectly: 1. double the nurse’s recommended dosage of meds 2. go shopping 3. DIY mani-pedi Anyway, half of this day’s devoted to work (good… Read More ›

swamped (but super) saturday

More pointless stories, dear readers. Come on, I know you like reading them. =) Anyway, I rarely get up early on Saturdays. These rare occasions include a general assembly where I will get free breakfast, casual get-together with far too… Read More ›

Team Cuddy, FTW!

I still want to be like Dr. Lisa Cuddy when I grow…up…grow old. Whichever comes first! =) I will not have time to watch the awesomeness that is the 11th episode of House titled Joy To The World. Not tonight,… Read More ›

flirting fortysomethings

This is a House, M.D. blog post with huge spoilers for season five. As my constant reminder goes, refrain from reading if you like the show and are morally constrained to wait for the current season to air here in… Read More ›

once upon a time

…there was someone who got spoiled with attention and online affection. The leaves withered, a lightning on the forehead was seen by the community, an anticipated kiss that’s four years in the making was announced to unfold next week and… Read More ›

One reason why I won’t date now

An excerpt from Insensitive (House, Season 3, Episode 14). House interrupted Cuddy at home while she’s with her date, pretending to consult on something about a hospital patient.  When House left… Cuddy: (covering face with hands) You heard the conversation…. Read More ›


Joey: You three have a nice Thanksgiving. Monica: The three of us? Joey: Yeah! You, Chan, and the vein! ==== GBV, I am going to let it pass, and only because of all your pro bono consultation hours over roasted… Read More ›