eat, pray, love

The title is like the popular book of Elizabeth Gilbert, which I haven’t read but I intend to. If only someone would buy it for me. Hint hint…9 days to go. 🙂 EAT I am feeling guilt as of this… Read More ›

december blues

I am very frustrated because my computer’s performance has really turned for the worst. I know it’s infested with viruses and spywares and everything that a bad computer may have. For one, it takes me five minutes to start it…. Read More ›

Tenoch and me

Tenoch, oh Tenoch. Judith Octavo and Tenoch Gonzales Secretly conceived a handful of evil children. Crazy about being able to chat far too often. Are so cute. Orchestrated by ianiceboy   Another variation: Judith and Tenoch Are rumoured to have… Read More ›


1. Erwin Jerkwin blog entry (compiled Erwin Gonzales hirits and how they were handled, ComTeam style) 2. Mid-year Performance Report (which is originally “Monthly” na hindi nagawa kaya sinabing “Quarterly” na hindi pa rin nagawa so hopefully, sana magawa ko… Read More ›


Bad news–well, not that bad but: :: Chelli is not part of the ComTeam anymore. Sad thought really, and worse, we learned about the internal news that affects her would-be replacement. Dang that freaking power. :: Our neighbors have turned… Read More ›