Lunch Joke

I hardly regret the amount I spend on food and books. My taste in food is also very easy to please unless onions are involved. However there are days that will get you. See, I paid 100 pesos for this plate of food. You can tell how the serving is as I put a bill […]


Dear Loyal Lurkers,

I’m happy to have made it through another week of madness. There were unresolved issues and murder-inducing job stressors but hey, there’s always next week to resolve themselves naturally. For some quick and painless rundown of my week, to add to the growing chapters of  my memoir, here’s what happened: Tuesday. Madness at work. We […]



i don’t feel like blogging. i had a fight with mom over this computer and my alleged overuse of it. *rolls eyes* i bought this whole thing to do what i want, which is to surf and chat all i want during my free time. it may be surprising to find me still chatting at […]