Year in Review: Can’t Get Enough of TV

Early this year, I posted a two–part entry devoted to TV shows (98% US TV) I regularly watch.  Almost 12 months later, many of them were in the backburner but totally not forgotten; a few still remained; and a few were added to my list of favorites. Suffice to say, I still watch [H]ouse even with the abrupt departure of Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein made a controversial exit last May).  The Big Bang Theory is still my staple comedy show although I need to catch up with Community.  I have warmed up well to Body of Proof, and waiting for … Continue reading Year in Review: Can’t Get Enough of TV

A fun fan!

After two years, I added my blog again to National Blog Posting Month’s (NaBloPoMo) blogroll for June.  The theme for June is FAN.  It could be about the physical fan (as summer kicks in in the West) or as a fan of something or someone.  I totally have lots of experiences on the latter and I can only hope I can sustain my interest in telling you all about them. To recap my “adventures” in the past months that I’ve not done this, it may interest you to know that: I’m still a big fan of [H]ouse.  The voluntary departure … Continue reading A fun fan!

2010 in TV shows – Part 1

Part 1 – Before the year ends, I would like devote a space for stuff that occupied my dorky life – TV shows! 🙂 I know too much TV is bad for my health and at times, bad for my social life, too.  I am just blessed by a satisfactory internet connection, online friends (‘fandom’, anyone?), and sufficient time in my hands that enabled me to enjoy TV shows to my heart’s content.  Truly, there are too many of them, for so little time. (I started this post when Simone was still working. *sniff sniff*) Let me give you the … Continue reading 2010 in TV shows – Part 1

Joining the flail bandwagon (NSFW)

I am so overwhelmed by all the House and Cuddy stuff online in anticipation of the 7th season premiere, so I don’t have the energy to explain what happened, why is this happening, and what will happen in future storylines.  Bottomline, after six TV years, twenty fictional years, House and Cuddy finally decided to give a relationship a try. Some fans even called it the culmination of 20 years of foreplay.  I cannot wait to see it fall apart and how they would handle it the House and Cuddy way.  I am hoping it’s still on the left of center, … Continue reading Joining the flail bandwagon (NSFW)

Because I like bossy :)

What a gloomy Saturday. I spent my day resting and when I do that, I usually think of just anything. My thoughts turned to how I miss Cuddy reprimanding House. What can you do, I’m really a fan?! 🙂 Seriously, I think it’s connected to some career thoughts. They have been hounding me in little drops. Let’s just say some things are up in the air. Anyway, let’s not allow serious life thoughts ruin my shallow weekend musings.  It has been five years. Even if Cuddy’s authority started to dip as of late, I found her “This is beyond asshood!” … Continue reading Because I like bossy 🙂

IMHO: Friendship > Romance, at least on TV

In my fangirl profile, friendship trumps romance all the time. Many past entries were testaments to how I favor House and Cuddy but give me House, Cuddy and Wilson in one frame and I’ll be happier.  I love them three together.  The friendship ha, I’m not implying I’d love a threesome. I have too many things to say since I thought of this entry this morning.  However, as usual, the words are so garbled in my head (sa sobrang dami, with examples of House scenes pa yun from seasons 1 to 5 to illustrate my points more vividly) so I … Continue reading IMHO: Friendship > Romance, at least on TV

the only me you get

This is not a filler post although maybe it is. Nonetheless, the moment I watched the episode of House last Tuesday, I knew I’m going to smile at these lines even after a few days. I could be taking them all in without complete regard for the progression of the episode and their characters through the years, or maybe I am not. Eh, I’m just full of contradictions lately. Anyway, here: Cuddy: You’re afraid of being happy. House: Why do you care if I’m happy? Cuddy: (She stares at House but breaks it immediately) You’re afraid of change. The one … Continue reading the only me you get

another open letter to honey

Today’s post was inspired by my friend STH’s confession that she writes to her future child everyday. She asked me to do the same thing and while I can’t promise to sustain it (kasi creepy sya minsan, hahaha), I think it’s fine for today. After all, I did it twice before: to my future husband and my future child. So here’s the best I can do today…addressed to my future husband. Nothing much happened anyway. Honey, Anong oras ka na naman umuwi kagabi? At OT ka na naman? Bakit puro OT ka eh di naman nadadagdagan ang sweldo mo? Bakit may … Continue reading another open letter to honey

Bitterness is so not cool.

My favorite source of enjoyment lately is reading the bitter yakking of House/Cuddy and House/Cameron fans (add a few House/Wilson’s) in many online fora. It gets pretty exhausting to read but it’s nice enough a distraction when you’re surfing at night. I am a certifiable TV fangirl, and I am not ashamed of it, but too much bickering gets to me, too. So I just laugh them all off because hello, it’s just a TV show! I get worked up all the time about it, and my staff have been unwilling subjects of my House ramblings that they dragged themselves … Continue reading Bitterness is so not cool.

Normal’s Overrated

A short PAINLESS recap was in line as today’s blog update but I’m putting it off to give way to the following pictures. The whole production of House teamed up with National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) to raise funds for said organization. They launched the shirt during their 100th episode party.  It would have been cooler if they expanded the statement shirts to feature the lines in their season five promotional picture; but hey, this is cool as it is. Being a non-US resident, I might have a hard time securing one, especially since the shirts are of limited … Continue reading Normal’s Overrated

good, bad, ugly

No links to relevant information. You got here on your own so you should know how to Google or Wiki stuff that you wish to know more of. Hehe, ang taray. GOOD. Kate Winslet’s double win. I was keeping myself steady after a nasty semi-vertigo attack when I heard her name called as the very first recipient of the night in the Golden Globes. Long acceptance speech, haha. I tuned in again towards the end when she won again and man, a longer acceptance speech. What she said to Leo was touching. Friendship rocks. House’s Lisa Edelstein, Olivia Wilde and … Continue reading good, bad, ugly

‘I love people. Really, I’m in favor of them.’

First, let me marvel at the dull and boring greatness of this day.  For the fourth consecutive day, I still amaze myself by DOING a significant amount of work. =) — Anyway, on to something that made me smile (other than the fact that my ‘Portia’ COULD BE ushering out of her romance-less sphere after two years! YAY!) – Hugh Laurie won Favorite TV Male Star and House MD won Favorite TV Drama in last night’s People’s Choice Awards!!! I know, it isn’t a surprise at all since PCA notifies the winners beforehand.  In the live blog, when someone wrote … Continue reading ‘I love people. Really, I’m in favor of them.’

One of my last posts for the year!

It’s the last day of the year. I should learn to wake up early again because my body clock’s been wired to wake up at 10:30 am since the 25th. I am watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip now. I missed Danny and Matt‘s friendship (they’re like House and Wilson with their bromance, hahaha), I missed Matt, Harriet and their being tethered in many ways because, well, they’re simply right for each other, it’s just that when you’re crazy adults, you don’t indulge in that kind of romance schmance anymore. I discovered something cool. In Studio 60, there was … Continue reading One of my last posts for the year!


Movie, movie. I watched Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat after lunch. The movie wasn’t entirely funny but it had its moments. Eugene Domingo as Rowena really killed me.  I think she’s naturally funny and her background in theater  made her very effective. I also watched the trailer of The Spirit.  I have no clue about it since I am not a fan of comic books but I am excited to watch it because I missed one of my girl-crushes, Sarah Paulson.  More on her later. I’ll watch it kahit early reviews found it too bland. Kanya-kanyang taste naman yan. Nag-enjoy … Continue reading dweeb’s-a-trippin’

Do Nothing Day

When I have several days off from work, I usually have one of them devoted to being useless. My eight-year old niece termed it Do Nothing Day; I don’t know where she got it, and she wouldn’t tell. It fits though and I like it. My Do Nothing Day is mostly dominated by an extreme compulsion to sleep. Of course, when I’m on the bed, I would fall asleep. I read a magazine on my stomach, I would be asleep after a few pages. I watch TV on the couch, and yes, I would fall asleep with my hand holding … Continue reading Do Nothing Day

Merry Christmas!!!

So this is Christmas. What have you done? Wow, I’m asking myself the same thing. This day doesn’t feel so Christmas-y, have you noticed? I’m not being Grinchy though. I’m not expecting anything fabulous either. Technically, today signals my first day of a rather long break which I should use very well to prepare for the long grind that’s 2009. I’ve done nothing but eat (lechon will be the death of me, if not now, maybe in the future), stare in space, and watch House.  Sorry, I have not even returned text messages! I’m planning to reach a hundred messages … Continue reading Merry Christmas!!!

fluffy Friday

I am feeling better today, actually since last night, because I did three strategies that worked perfectly: 1. double the nurse’s recommended dosage of meds 2. go shopping 3. DIY mani-pedi Anyway, half of this day’s devoted to work (good Lord, they never stop) and the other half is for our holiday party! I am most excited for this one because it is ours. I’m too enclosed that way, yeah. Anyway, it wasn’t with no glitches but me thinks we all had fun.  We have way cool colleagues this year. Uhm, period. =) I still have tons of work to … Continue reading fluffy Friday

swamped (but super) saturday

More pointless stories, dear readers. Come on, I know you like reading them. =) Anyway, I rarely get up early on Saturdays. These rare occasions include a general assembly where I will get free breakfast, casual get-together with far too many colleagues and a minimal allowance that I can use for some little shopping. Precisely what we had today. The general assembly was satisfactory even if I missed an hour of it because Raft3r, Marie, Lalaine, Mon and I went outside the venue to scout for fishball and cheap fruit shake stands to wake us up. When we got back, … Continue reading swamped (but super) saturday