Year in Review: Can’t Get Enough of TV

Early this year, I posted a twopart entry devoted to TV shows (98% US TV) I regularly watch.  Almost 12 months later, many of them were in the backburner but totally not forgotten; a few still remained; and a few were added to my list of favorites.

Suffice to say, I still watch [H]ouse even with the abrupt departure of Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein made a controversial exit last May).  The Big Bang Theory is still my staple comedy show although I need to catch up with Community.  I have warmed up well to Body of Proof, and waiting for FBI Agent Derek Ames to come back.

I still love The Walking Dead.  The last scene of the mid-season finale left me in shivers – I’ve always been vocal about the search for Sophia after she disappeared in the forest, so when she went out shambling from the barn, it was an OMG moment, until Rick shot her in the head.

Two new shows got me hooked – American Horror Story and Once Upon A Time.  The former is just pure mindfuck.  Veteran actors Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy kill it everytime.  The latter is pure enjoyment and a little mystery.  It’s the child in me, the lover of fairy tales, that got me hooked.  It’s also nice to see Jennifer Morrison on the tube again after her departure from [H]ouse.

Currently, I’m enjoying Homeland, and aside from the plot (relevant tags include FBI, CIA, Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorist, traitor, conspiracy, you get the drift), I also said it that exposition-wise, you have wider ground to play on when you’re on cable (the show is on Showtime).

My latest craze probably is Castle.  I’m almost done with season 3, although I left season 1 for later.  I got curious with the barrage of tweets from my friends so I gave it a try.  It’s fun with your typical crime procedural formula.  I even saw a hint of The Mentalist; Kate Beckett=Teresa Lisbon, Richard Castle=Patrick Jane, Kevin Ryan=Wayne Rigsby, Javier Esposito=Kimball Cho, and probably a little of Lanie Parrish=Jane Van Pelt.  It’s just a formulaic pattern and I hope the fans won’t stone me; the similarities really end there.  For now, I can recite the show’s intro by heart:  There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people: psychopaths and mystery writers. I’m the kind that pays better.

There are still a lot I would like to either try or go back to soon (Suits, Revenge, Game of Thrones, etc).  I cannot help it, I’m a TV junkie. 😉 I’m highly anticipating Aaron Sorkin’s show on HBO called More As This Story Develops.  I might also start following a local soap titled Walang Hanggan.  The options are endless.  So little time, really.

A fun fan!

After two years, I added my blog again to National Blog Posting Month’s (NaBloPoMo) blogroll for June.  The theme for June is FAN.  It could be about the physical fan (as summer kicks in in the West) or as a fan of something or someone.  I totally have lots of experiences on the latter and I can only hope I can sustain my interest in telling you all about them.

To recap my “adventures” in the past months that I’ve not done this, it may interest you to know that:

  • I’m still a big fan of [H]ouse.  The voluntary departure of Lisa Edelstein was a real shock to me.  I still like the show and I understand that it reached its saturation point many seasons ago so it’s really bound to be mediocre at times.  I cannot promise to watch as regularly as I used to with the non-appearance of Lisa Cuddy but I’ll still be a fan.
  • I love Dana Delany’s new crime procedural Body of Proof.  I’m happy it got warm reception and was renewed for season 2.  Delany’s Megan Hunt is tough as nails but likable.  It’s seldom that a damaged protagonist is a woman so this is a breath of fresh air.  Megan Hunt is witty, observant, cold, confident, competitive, and silently emotional.  I love that entire package.  Plus her heels!  I love her heels and her whole get up, down to the purse with her medical examiner badge pinned to it.  If I go back to my ideal BMI, I will dress up like her to the office.  lol.
  • I’m also a fan of the axed NBC show Outsourced.  I wish it was given more time to grow its legs on air.  I don’t feel it’s offensive as they said it was.  If anything, Americans were made fun of in equal amounts in many episodes.  Maybe it’s what brought it to the chopping board?  I don’t know but I believe it’s unfair.  Now that’s one less really funny show on network TV that’s cancelled.
  • Still a fan of many TV shows (I have no life, remember? :)) that I will have to devote a separate post for them when the summer TV season starts soon.

  • I am a big fan of young adult books.  They’re easy reads, a little less expensive, and I was amazed by the quality of most of them.  Whenever I flip through one, I imagine myself to be in its intended age group.  Many of them affected me much, some were just meh, some were okay.  Lucky for the young adults/tweeners of this generation; they have a slew of books dumped in shelves every month.  When I was young, we didn’t have much of that.  I believe that the supernatural/vampire phase is almost over.  The barrage of DYSTOPIA stories is here, and it made me very excited.

  • Still a fan of running (my running update will be up soon) and lately, Zumba.  I love dancing and now I found a time to do it outside my room. 🙂 Latin aerobics is sexy and it can really make you sweat buckets.  I didn’t regret joining.

What else am I a fan of?  Love, probably.  It’s that time of year again.  I promise to be less dramatic in cyberspace; that’s what my journal is for, anyway.

What else?  I’m a fan of bookmarks, coated cereals, color pens.  Raisins, paper products, long land travels, B movies.  I like a lot of things.  How about you?

2010 in TV shows – Part 1

Part 1 – Before the year ends, I would like devote a space for stuff that occupied my dorky life – TV shows! 🙂 I know too much TV is bad for my health and at times, bad for my social life, too.  I am just blessed by a satisfactory internet connection, online friends (‘fandom’, anyone?), and sufficient time in my hands that enabled me to enjoy TV shows to my heart’s content.  Truly, there are too many of them, for so little time. (I started this post when Simone was still working. *sniff sniff*)

Let me give you the shows that still interest me through the recent years, and new ones that got me hooked:

Of course, [H]ouse still dominates my TV show preferences.  I live off on this show’s spoilers and episode dissections.  However, I am not that invested (you should see some of the hardcore fans, my ‘fangirling’ pales in comparison) and I take whatever is given to me by the show runners.  Sure, I miss the intense medical drama and the clinic patients, but I still take the plotlines each week for what they are.  House and Cuddy in a relationship is a wonderful bonus.  The addition of Amber Tamblyn was a good move and even though there’s too much Thirteen hate in the fandom, I really miss Olivia Wilde and I can’t wait for her character to return before the season ends.

I already said before that with all the shows, I wasn’t privy to Desperate Housewives spoilers and it’s not by choice – I just don’t happen to be connected to online communities with these stuff; either that or spoilers about it are so minimal.  Still, I cannot miss the drama on Wisteria Lane.  This season isn’t comparable to their previous ones and the addition of Vanessa Williams did nothing new but only as a mere lame shadow of Nicolette Sheridan’s (late) Edie, but I still find enjoyment out of watching them make a spectacle out of their lives.

No one can replace Friends in my heart but The Big Bang Theory, to me, is the Friends of this generation.  This is the only show that makes me laugh out loud many times in a 20-minute episode.  I am glad that Jim Parsons is getting the attention and recognition he rightly deserves.  The cast, even after 4 seasons, still work coherently together.  The frequent guest spots of Mayim Bialik as the nerdy Amy Farrah Fowler was a great move.  Her lines equal in hilarity to Sheldon’s, and even if I still cannot picture two nerds like them in a relationship, it would be pretty funny to see them try.  Let’s see.

I only started watching The Mentalist early last year and it is still interesting to me.  I like that Patrick Jane is still capable of surprising me with his ‘decoding’ skills although in many instances, I guessed who the culprit-of-the-episode was early on.  I am beginning to warm up to the new CBI* boss Madeleine Hightower (though a guest spot of her predecessor Virgil Minelli was a welcome surprise), I like that Jane and Teresa Lisbon aren’t an item, that Van Pelt and Rigsby are back to having just sexual tension, and that Jane still transforms into someone so intense when Red John is mentioned.  Of course, Senior Special Agent Kimball Cho is a separate entity worthy of my swooning altogether.

*California Bureau of Investigation

Next to TBBT, I had to elevate Modern Family to my top shows of this year.  I instantly fell in love with it last year and even though others say the quality dwindled this second season, I beg to differ.  More layers of their dysfunction were uncovered this year so it’s still very hilarious. They can even do without guest stars.  Very noteworthy was their Halloween episode!  I agree with the accolades accorded it this early in their run.  Watch this Emmy skit with the cast and their Oscars special.  Plus, I am so biased for Sofia Vergara.  Some do not like her thick accent but I find it so funny and adorable.  She seems so genuine, too.  A few nights back she was on Ellen and as usual, the interview cracked me up.

I started watching Raising Hope in November only and it became an instant favorite.  Sure, there were very corny scenes but the actors play loser-ness (:)) so well that they came across effectively on screen.  I have to give major props to Martha Plimpton who plays Virginia Chance.  Her mispronunciations are so hilarious (‘lie-bary’ for library, ‘procrasterbating’, etc) and she’s the perfectly imperfect mom to Jimmy, wife to Burt, grandmother to Hope, and granddaughter to Mee Maw.  It was very heartwarming when she (and a 15-year old her) sang “Danny’s Song” to keep baby Hope (and baby Jimmy in the flashback) from crying at night.  Aside from Virginia, I also fell in love with one of the baby girls they use to play Hope!  I’m happy that Fox picked up this show for one full season.  I hope it stays on.  Would be interesting to see Hope grow before the viewers eyes.

Next, Cougar Town, The Walking Dead, Community, and more…

Joining the flail bandwagon (NSFW)

I am so overwhelmed by all the House and Cuddy stuff online in anticipation of the 7th season premiere, so I don’t have the energy to explain what happened, why is this happening, and what will happen in future storylines.  Bottomline, after six TV years, twenty fictional years, House and Cuddy finally decided to give a relationship a try. Some fans even called it the culmination of 20 years of foreplay.  I cannot wait to see it fall apart and how they would handle it the House and Cuddy way.  I am hoping it’s still on the left of center, and not evolve into Grey’s Anatomy.  From what I read though, the premiere episode is going to be hot and heavy, and that’s good enough for me.

[H]ouse season 7 will premiere on September 20 on Fox.  So that’s September 21, Manila time, around 9 am.

Credit for the image above goes to Evie.  Check out her countdown-tagged tumblr posts to see more spoiler-heavy (some are NSFW) images.

Because I like bossy :)

What a gloomy Saturday.

I spent my day resting and when I do that, I usually think of just anything. My thoughts turned to how I miss Cuddy reprimanding House. What can you do, I’m really a fan?! 🙂 Seriously, I think it’s connected to some career thoughts. They have been hounding me in little drops. Let’s just say some things are up in the air.

Anyway, let’s not allow serious life thoughts ruin my shallow weekend musings. 

It has been five years. Even if Cuddy’s authority started to dip as of late, I found her “This is beyond asshood!” line in last season’s finale a bit redeeming. Manood na kasi kayo ng House. Hahaha!

I will always love this scene in season 3 during House’s first few days back at work after being shot:

meaning - house

meaning - cuddy

Cuddy: You’ve been back at work 24 hours and you’re already playing hide and seek in a woman’s spine [who was paralyzed from the neck down from doing an inverted yoga pose].
House: What’s the worse that can happen? I paralyze her. She won’t even notice.
Cuddy: Her lawyers might. You’re not doing the surgery. And lower the morphine on your other patient.
House: Fine, I’ll lower it. If you’ll let me do the surgery.
Cuddy: What? You want a trade? We’re not swapping a couple of goats for your help putting up a barn.
House: You want something, I want something. We compromise. It’s the grown-up way to resolve our differences.
Cuddy: There already is a mechanism for that. It’s called the employer-employee relationship. I get what I want and you don’t.

(from House, MD, Season 3, Episode 1, “Meaning”)

I love season 3 the most because even if there seemed to be a development in their UST (unresolved sexual tension!) House/Cuddy work-related banters were interesting, too. When she got mad at House for not taking the Tritter problem seriously, I realized I love an angry Cuddy.  With matching hampas pa ng folder sa desk yun while saying, You’re not impressing anyone, you may call yourself principled but what you really are is a stubborn adolescent idiot!  Here’s something from the finale of that season, when House fired Dr. Chase in the middle of a case:

Cuddy: Pick up the phone, and tell Chase you made a mistake. Un-fire him.
House: [reluctantly picks up the phone and dials] Chase. If you know what’s on the PET scan, call me back. [puts the phone back down]
Cuddy: Chase is a good doctor!
House: Sorry, you’re in the wrong room. My name on the door, my team, my decisions.
Cuddy: My building, my floor, my people!
House: [the phone rings] Hold that reprimand.

(from House, MD, Season 3, Episode 24, “Human Error”)

Season 1 was peppered lots with Cuddy’s calm but agitated lines to House, like the “My guy will call your guy” bet and a personal favorite, “YOU. IN THE LOBBY. NOW.

There are many many many more. I really love their dynamic, second to House/Cuddy/Wilson, my OT3 🙂

Maybe I feel an affinity toward women bosses. Just a while ago, I had a blast watching Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen in Boston Legal) ream people in the law firm for doing stuff not to her liking. Maybe the same reason applies to why I enjoyed Sandra Bullock’s character in The Proposal. I can be considered a boss of a very small group but I know I am in no way close to being like these fictional arse-kicking bosses.  When a situation calls for it, let’s see if I can be like them.  For now, I’ll treat these characters as my ‘corner office bitch’ mentors. 🙂

IMHO: Friendship > Romance, at least on TV

In my fangirl profile, friendship trumps romance all the time.

Lisa Edelstein (Lisa Cuddy), Robert Sean Leonard (James Wilson) and Hugh Laurie (Gregory House) during the INSIDE HOUSE event at The Paley Center For Media in Los Angeles on June 17, 2009.
Lisa Edelstein (Lisa Cuddy), Robert Sean Leonard (James Wilson) and Hugh Laurie (Gregory House) during the INSIDE HOUSE event at The Paley Center For Media in Los Angeles on June 17, 2009.

Still from the Paley event. One of many funny comments came from Robert, who plays the Head of the Oncology Department in PPTH, when he said, "I confess to not reading the entire thing before sitting down (for the weekly table read). When it's not cancer (the diagnosis) I have a short week."
Still from the Paley event. One of many funny comments came from Robert, who plays the Head of the Oncology Department in PPTH, when he said, "I confess to not reading the entire thing before sitting down (for the weekly table read). When it's not cancer (the diagnosis) I have a short week."

Many past entries were testaments to how I favor House and Cuddy but give me House, Cuddy and Wilson in one frame and I’ll be happier.  I love them three together.  The friendship ha, I’m not implying I’d love a threesome.

I have too many things to say since I thought of this entry this morning.  However, as usual, the words are so garbled in my head (sa sobrang dami, with examples of House scenes pa yun from seasons 1 to 5 to illustrate my points more vividly) so I might as well do away with typing them down.  The bottomline of everything is how I love the dynamic of House, Cuddy and Wilson, perhaps the three most damaged characters in PPTH. 🙂

I think I’ve always been fascinated with TV friendship more than TV romance; it’s such a good feeling watching, in one scene, trading banters, all six Friends, the earlier staff of Cage & Fish* [Ally McBeal], the women of Wisteria Lane [Desperate Housewives], Danny Tripp and Matt Albie [Studio 60], Denny Crane, Alan Shore and Shirley Schmidt [Boston Legal],  Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha and Carrie [SATC], Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Wolowitz and Raj (although he cannot talk when Penny’s around) [The Big Bang Theory], and even the whole community of Stars Hollow [Gilmore Girls]!

Of course there are more examples of friendships on TV (my abrupt liking for the people of Seattle Grace, for one).  You get my drift, right? At best, pwede na sa akin ang “friends with sexual tension”, which is why contrary to most House/Cuddy fans, I was NOT disappointed when their s*x scene turned out to be a hallucination. It seems not everyone can see how MORE meaningful it was that it’s inside House’s subconscious! Anyway, yeah,  tama na yun. 🙂

I am not sure if I believe the same (‘friendship trumps romance’) in relation to my real life knowing how much of my life is devoted to TV anyway.  🙂 Sometimes I cannot – and refuse to – tell the difference! Hahaha! Escapism yata ito. A very nice one at that, in my opinion.

Though you know what, maybe I do because I once was struck by a line from Andrew Sullivan, as told to Chuck PalahniukI think a relationship can be the most intense form of being alone if you’re not careful…(F)riendship is what really resolves and mitigates loneliness while not compromising the self in the way that love does, romantic love does.

For now let me go back to my fangirl mode. Happy weekend!

* Ally McBeal is so last century but one TV conversation I cannot forget is between Richard Fish and John Cage when the people in their law firm were fighting. This is not verbatim but Richard asked John, “What are the five reasons why we put up this firm again?” John answered, “Money. Money. Friends. Money. Money.” Richard sadly asked back, “Yeah. What happened to the third?” Believe me, I was touched 🙂

Credit for the images above goes to Lissie.

the only me you get

This is not a filler post although maybe it is. Nonetheless, the moment I watched the episode of House last Tuesday, I knew I’m going to smile at these lines even after a few days. I could be taking them all in without complete regard for the progression of the episode and their characters through the years, or maybe I am not. Eh, I’m just full of contradictions lately. Anyway, here:

Cuddy: You’re afraid of being happy.

House: Why do you care if I’m happy?

Cuddy: (She stares at House but breaks it immediately) You’re afraid of change. The one thing you have is your intellect. You think if that’s compromised, you have nothing. Just take it (methadone).”

House: No.

Cuddy: Don’t do this.

House: It’s already done. (He throws the drug in the trash). This is the only me you get.

I am amused with Cuddy because she has thrown herself at House too many times after their kiss last year*, and she has fallen flat on the floor most of, if not all, the time. I would have preferred the Cuddy of the first two seasons, or probably until the kiss. Anyway, I just like her for trying. At one point, we all have had. She will grow tired of it soon, I mean trying to change House in order to start something with him; soon she will be back to simply being “Rationalization Man’s faithful sidekick” (the man being Wilson!).

So to Dr. Cuddy…you go, girl. Hahaha! =)

*This is actually an alternate take of the kiss, which was hotter than what made it into the episode, IMHO, because for one, there was House’s lower lip’s semi-quiver when they broke the kiss…and I like that in a man, not necessarily House lang, hihihi! =)

another open letter to honey

Today’s post was inspired by my friend STH’s confession that she writes to her future child everyday. She asked me to do the same thing and while I can’t promise to sustain it (kasi creepy sya minsan, hahaha), I think it’s fine for today. After all, I did it twice before: to my future husband and my future child. So here’s the best I can do today…addressed to my future husband. Nothing much happened anyway.


Anong oras ka na naman umuwi kagabi? At OT ka na naman? Bakit puro OT ka eh di naman nadadagdagan ang sweldo mo? Bakit may gusot gusot na naman yung polo mo at me lipstick mark sa kwelyo?

How’s your day? Mine’s…okay. I edited the list of books in my online reading challenges. It’s an effort to systematize my reading schedule because if I don’t do it, my urge to buy more books will win over actually reading what I own. I read a few books today, too.

I walked two blocks just to buy chips. And I dipped them in mayonnaise. I discovered that Ladies Choice mayo is waaay better tasting than Miracle Whip.

Will you love me less if I tell you I watched Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana while eating my afternoon snack?

I watched the season two finale of House again because honestly, I did not understand it the first time.  Now I know which were just House’s hallucinations and which were not. I am going to explain them to you when you get home. Do you still find it funny that people think I see House as my boyfriend? They’re weird, ‘no?

Thanks to fellow House fan Irene from Rome who shared this.  She said it aired in the Disney channel in Italy. Hmmm. Let's see...Mickey is House, Minnie is Cuddy (so Disney is a Huddy?! Hahaha!), Clarabelle Cow is Cameron, Horace Horsecollar is Chase and a little dark Goofy is Foreman. Isn't this cuteness overload?

Speaking of House, I would like to show you the funniest picture I found on the net today! Tadaaa!

Thanks to fellow House fan Irene from Rome who shared this picture.  She said it aired in the Disney Channel in Italy. Cute ano?

Let’s see, Mickey is House, Minnie is Cuddy , Clarabelle Cow is Cameron, Horace Horsecollar is Chase and a dark Goofy is Foreman.  Wala lang si Wilson. Hahaha! But really, this is very funny. Pati yung Dr. Mouse! Hahaha! This definitely made my day! Well, that and Wilson’s duck which actually appeared a few episodes back na pala! But it may be harder to understand now. I’ll explain it to you when you get home. So please hurry, baby. =)

I found the picture in this  funny online community of House and Cuddy fans. Ah, one of the reasons why I love the internet. =) I now want Mickey’s mitt more! Remember Raft3r, my friend from the office? He’s going to meet the Disney gang next week and I’m undecided if I will send him money to buy the giant hand for me…now that hey, Disney is a Huddy. Hahaha =)

So, what else? Oh, I flipped through my previous planners and diaries and I found out that four years ago today, my family brought me to Sacramento to make snow angels and I played casino in Cache Creek. Yahaha! Good times!

I think that’s it for today. I’m off to sleep now. Wake me up when you’re home. You exactly know how to stir me out of slumber, right? *wink* I love you. =)


Bitterness is so not cool.

My favorite source of enjoyment lately is reading the bitter yakking of House/Cuddy and House/Cameron fans (add a few House/Wilson’s) in many online fora. It gets pretty exhausting to read but it’s nice enough a distraction when you’re surfing at night.

I am a certifiable TV fangirl, and I am not ashamed of it, but too much bickering gets to me, too. So I just laugh them all off because hello, it’s just a TV show! I get worked up all the time about it, and my staff have been unwilling subjects of my House ramblings that they dragged themselves to watch the show so they will understand what I’m talking about. However, it’s funny to see people exert too much energy into hating and defending characters, their “ships”, every single day.

tv, tv, more tv!!!Thing is, not reading these bitter banters would entail being spoiler-free from future episodes which is bad for my health, because as most of you know, spoilers are one of the best things in my universe, next to books, dark chocolate and deep-fried tofu.

I may prefer one character over another (with the exception of House because he’s why there’s a show) but I do not engage in character assassinations of TV characters. When you like a show, you tend to look at the overall promise of it and seeing good things happen to character/s you like is just a bonus. Well, that’s just me.

So in the spirit of moving back to the normal side of the bridge, I hope not too much Earth logic should be put into everything the show provides. Let’s not question Cameron being interim Dean because it may not be realistically feasible, it’s the producer’s step to make up to the character for being “criminally sidelined” last season. Let’s not hate Thirteen so much because if you give it a chance, her storyline will grow on you (and personally I like Foreman now more than the first three seasons, ahahaha). I don’t like it now but in time, maybe Chase and Wilson will get more screentime, too. Lastly, let’s not hate Cuddy (and possibly baby Rachel) and her relationship with House because it’s been open from the start that it will not go anywhere. Remember, no one in that show is allowed to be happy! Change is never easy but the show is still entertaining anyway. 🙂

What tipped off this long-brewing nasty online brawl is a major spoiler which the producer’s very recently confirmed: that House and Cuddy will do the deed at the season finale. I’m okay with it but really, I’m for what the whole show brings every Monday. It’s bad to second-guess and think ahead of the brilliant writers of the show. Remember what George Michael said he has to have? See, we should have it, too.

Anyway, I may not be opinionated enough about world affairs and other esoteric and philosophical stuff, but I take real pleasure from sitting in front of a television and checking out what many shows offer. I watched the pilot of United States of Tara and I liked it a lot. I discovered Big Shots, too. I am also indulging in the Australian series Summer Heights High and the British TV adaptation of Cranford. I am catching up with 30 Rock, Prison Break and Grey’s Anatomy. I lined up a few canceled shows in my to-watch queue like Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money. I am going to discover The Mentalist, True Blood, Entourage and all shows that beat Hugh Laurie/House in the drama category, hahaha!!! All of that on top of my regulars aside from House: Brothers & Sisters, The Big Bang Theory and Desperate Housewives.

Maybe it’s my calling to watch all shows on television and help people with episode guides, reviews, spoilers and even fan sites. Hala, what an idea. People do earn money from doing that but…I don’t know.

For now, let’s all enjoy the diversion that television shows give us. Relax, watch and don’t think too much!

Normal’s Overrated

A short PAINLESS recap was in line as today’s blog update but I’m putting it off to give way to the following pictures. The whole production of House teamed up with National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) to raise funds for said organization. They launched the shirt during their 100th episode party.  It would have been cooler if they expanded the statement shirts to feature the lines in their season five promotional picture; but hey, this is cool as it is. Being a non-US resident, I might have a hard time securing one, especially since the shirts are of limited quantities. I’m sure those who will get the shirts will be happy. 🙂

Here are a few pictures, and I have to give huge thanks to Danielle’s LJ for the last four images below. More pictures are in her journal!

<b>One very charitable HOUSE.</b> Click the image to go to the online store.
One very charitable HOUSE. Click the image to go to the online store.

where the hell is Robert Sean Leaonard?
What's up there? House M.D.'s 100th episode party and the launch of House Charity Tees for the benefit of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). One question though: where the hell is Robert Sean Leonard?

Double Adorable! Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Morrison at the episode party.
Double Adorable! Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Morrison at the episode party.

Awww, Cuddy and Chase! Lisa Edelstein and Jesse Spencer at the episode party. I don't think I've seen them in a picture together until this one.
Awww, Cuddy and Chase! Lisa Edelstein and Jesse Spencer at the episode party. I don't think I've seen them together in one picture until this one.

Olivia Wilde is hot. Nothing further to say.
Olivia Wilde is hot. Nothing further to say. This post ends here as well. 🙂

good, bad, ugly

No links to relevant information. You got here on your own so you should know how to Google or Wiki stuff that you wish to know more of. Hehe, ang taray.


Kate Winslet’s double win. I was keeping myself steady after a nasty semi-vertigo attack when I heard her name called as the very first recipient of the night in the Golden Globes. Long acceptance speech, haha. I tuned in again towards the end when she won again and man, a longer acceptance speech. What she said to Leo was touching. Friendship rocks.

House’s Lisa Edelstein, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Morrison were BEAUTIFUL especially when they were walking down the red carpet. It’s too bad that TV stars get somehow eclipsed by movie stars in events like this. Dapat hindi ito pinagsasabay. Unless it’s like here na whoever’s on TV is also in the movies, and lo, nasa mga billboards din sila everywhere.

My box of books, which I split with my friend Tin, arrived today, too. Tin got most of the contents, ako konti lang. Late Christmas gift/early birthday present ko na sa sarili ko.

My top seven books among those that arrived today. Ewan if it’s my Hugh bias or what but I skimmed The Gun Seller and nakakatawa sya, though I imagine Hugh Laurie pre-House playing the hero in the novel. The rest of the books are interesting. Look ’em up in Amazon. Come on. 🙂

Addict, o. I read one book of Ken Follett and I liked it. So ayan, major hoarding. See, nagugulat pati si Jackie, my pet cat.

Share ko lang. When I was PMSing, remember? I am close to finishing that book. Isusunod ko yung sequel of sorts nyang French Women For All Seasons. Then kasunod na yung Japanese Women Don’t Get Old Or Fat. Just to compare…although heavily inclined na ako sa Japanese…kasi, well, I’m Asian, and sample recipes mostly involve a greatness that is tofu. Hahaha! And look at my bookmark!!!!!


I called in sick. Damn. I thought I was on a roll after my inspiring “This is how you do it well” mood last week. Yabang yata kasi kaya ayan, karma. Let me say that I do not skip work if I have a slight fever (nothing a heap of pain pills won’t cure especially while in an office that’s way way quieter than if I stay at home) or upset stomach (our pink restroom cubicles are cuter than our own). But if it’s dizziness, vertigo-like, as soon as I get up from the bed (with matching tingin pabalik sa kama kasi baka ang katawang-lupa ko eh maiwan na natutulog pa, you know, old shit), ah no, hindi ko kayang ipagpalit yan sa fluffy feeling of work motivation. Sorry. Sabi naman I didn’t miss much. It’s only my pride that’s hurting now because I lost one day of being able to kick ass. Hahaha. I never successfully do it naman, when did I ever kick ass/es , so yeah, one day’s nothing.

Hugh Laurie and House lost. Okay, I know it’s too narrow-minded to always assume Hugh or the show deserves everything but despite the strike, last season wrapped up very well for them. Siguro hindi ko lang napapanood yung mga kalaban nya. Pitting actors on TV is ridiculous naman in a way, and I’m paraphrasing what Hugh said – it’s absolutely fine to evaluate actors to determine the best among them in a year if they all played the same role (he cited being Jack Bauer as example). Thing is, may serial killer slash pulis, may psychiatrist, may retro na ad executive (what a description), may brilliant but annoying doctor…ang hirap i-subject sa isang strict set ng criteria yun. Atsaka, they are only looking at a submitted episode, na kahit from the producers themselves, the supposed best in the season, kalokohan pa din. You have to base a performance on the consistency of whatever criteria na meron yung kung sinuman ang nagbibigay ng award. Ewan ko sa kanila. And no, hindi naman ako bitterella. I am going to watch In Treatment soon, benefit of the doubt ba. Most immediate in my lineup is Mad Men. Tignan natin.


I did an accounting of my finances and man, I’m screwed na pala. Well, only my definition of screwed (which will remain a secret, haha). My principle before was kung walang pera, wag bumili. Hmm, it’s convenient to say I totally made a complete insane turn four years and two credit cards with extremely evil credit limits after. Di bale, I’ll be fine. I just felt bad because I have not made a single solid investment. On the brighter side, I asked myself kung sumaya ba ako sa lahat ng paglulustay na yun? Sabi ng sarili ko, oo naman. Time to pay for them through living with the consequences and maintenance of awesomesauce work chakra (basta meron nyan).

I have something to manage my dizzy spells. What I don’t have, and only because I only felt the thing today, is for my heart. The literal heart, ano ba. Kasi, I always sleep on my left side, di ba? And it’s a position I’ve always been comfortable in, kahit hindi sa act ng pagtulog. Pansin ko lang, when I do it now, I feel a tingling coldness in my chest and my heartbeat, though it’s neither fast nor slow, eh sobrang lakas ng dagundong, to the point na I can even hear it pounding in my ears. Giant leaps and bounds. Weird. Nung una awesome. Pero when I realized I could die, naku, tumayo ako agad. Should browse my HMO’s list of accredited cardiologists nga.

I’ll sleep early because I have the world to save tomorrow. From what, that’s for all of us to find out. *wink*

‘I love people. Really, I’m in favor of them.’

First, let me marvel at the dull and boring greatness of this day.  For the fourth consecutive day, I still amaze myself by DOING a significant amount of work. =)

Anyway, on to something that made me smile (other than the fact that my ‘Portia’ COULD BE ushering out of her romance-less sphere after two years! YAY!) –

Hugh Laurie won Favorite TV Male Star and House MD won Favorite TV Drama in last night’s People’s Choice Awards!!!

hugh-laurie-pcaI know, it isn’t a surprise at all since PCA notifies the winners beforehand.  In the live blog, when someone wrote that Jennifer Cameron, Omar Epps, Lisa Edelstein and Olivia Wilde arrived in succession and walked down the red carpet, I knew then that House would win.

Anyway, Teri Hatcher presented the Favorite Male TV Star award.  Just a quick sidenote, I like Teri but I don’t like her character, Susan Mayer, in Desperate Housewives. I don’t know why! When I watched Hugh’s acceptance speech with Teri by his side, my mother recognized her still as Lois Lane. Hahaha!!! Well, her cluelessness isn’t new, when Hugh walked to the stage, she was surprised why he’s not limping. Duh. Hahaha! Oh well, Hugh’s speech wasn’t as witty as his previous ones but it’s still adorable. House fans are total dorks. I totally grasp how obsessed they we all were in voting that’s why they won. =) Another live blogger said that when Hugh was called, people stood up supposedly in reverence. Yahaha, in the video, the people who stood up were his castmates! Plus many people were standing throughout the show! I proudly pointed it out to Erwin pa naman and he congratulated me on my boyfriend‘s win. Anyway, tons of people were happy for him. That’s what matters more.

PEOPLESCHOICE/When the show’s cast and crew went up on stage when they won Favorite TV Drama, Hugh said, “I don’t know who these people are“. Hahaha! But he also said, “This is just a small representative sample of the 200 or so people who worked so hard to make the show. They couldn’t all be here because this is all the tuxedoes we’ve got.” Looking at the 20 or so people behind him, he added, “This is a significant number because this is exactly the number of people who watched the show when it started going out five years ago.” Yup, he’s probably right.  Admittedly, having American Idol preceding them during the first season helped them but they have grown their own sturdy legs and limbs after that, evidenced by consistently high ratings even when the American Idol season was over. And and and! This year, it’s the only network show nominated in the Golden Globes — meaning it’s pitted against cable shows who have gained both popularity and critical success since 2007 (in the Screen Actors Guild, there are two network shows out of five: House and Boston Legal). I have not watched each and every network show that didn’t make the nomination but it’s amazing to see House getting up there, quality and sudden hype of cable shows considered.

camcuddy-13-pca-2009All but Kal Penn was in the event.  The pictures of the cast were adorable.  Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard, based on numerous red carpet photos, arrived together. Bromance even IRL! =) Anyway, I found an equally adorable picture of the women in the show! That’s Cameron, Cuddy and Thirteen right there. Lisa Edelstein’s still kicking ass with her figure at 42! She doesn’t look that much different from Jennifer Morrison who’s 29 and Olivia Wilde who’s only – get this – 24!

< < < Pretty, pretty =)

One more workday and this bleak but awesome week is over. Capping it with the first Game Night of 2009 and a movie. Then I’m not very certain yet but I think I know what path to take FINALLY. I hope it stays on longer because if it does, I’m definitely going ALL IN. =)

One of my last posts for the year!

It’s the last day of the year. I should learn to wake up early again because my body clock’s been wired to wake up at 10:30 am since the 25th.

I am watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip now. I missed Danny and Matt‘s friendship (they’re like House and Wilson with their bromance, hahaha), I missed Matt, Harriet and their being tethered in many ways because, well, they’re simply right for each other, it’s just that when you’re crazy adults, you don’t indulge in that kind of romance schmance anymore.

I discovered something cool. In Studio 60, there was a scene where Luke Scott, Matt’s former co-writer who also pursued Harriet, chose her to be Anita Pallenberg in a Rolling Stones movie he’s directing.  They got into talking about going on a date and Harriet mumbled about being available, which obviously was motivated by a phantom loyalty to Matt.  Luke said something like, “You and Matt broke up a long time ago but you still see each other every day (because Matt is head writer and Harriet is one of the main stars of the show). You’ve broken up, but you aren’t broken up. Don’t you want and deserve something more?

If you remember, Cuddy’s attention was also called for sort of the same thing with regard to her (non)relationship with House.  Cuddy’s date said, “I don’t know whether it’s House, your job or if you just thrive on conflict but you should hear yourself when you’re talking to him. Nothing else in the world’s going on. You’re focused, confident, compelling. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’d like to go out with that woman.

Funny enough, Luke Scott and Cuddy’s date were played by only one actor! Yup, both characters were played by Josh Stamberg.  Nice. =)

Anyway, I found a clip of the scenes which showed how long Matt and Harriet’s conflict has been going on. It’s something that snowballed through the years which only started because, as Danny simply put it, Harriet believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ and Matt doesn’t. Watch it and you’ll find it amusing even if you have not watched an episode of the show.

No one in my average of 85 visitors a day would have appreciated everything above. I know, I know that.

So okay, let me do something less dorky. I don’t have a planner yet. This is new for a planner whore like me.  What happened was I lost can’t find my Starbucks sticker card which only has 4 stickers to go until I get a planner.  I passed on a Belle De Jour planner to save money; I didn’t use last year’s after all.

I might get one from National Bookstore, one of those plain Stradmore ones. Or a Taschen planner from Powerbooks. I’ll buy one in January 2. I am not in the mood to go out today and I do not shell out money on the first day of the year. =)

See, less dorky. But dorky nonetheless.

Wow, I finished my National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) pledge!!! Thirty-one posts in thirty-one days! Erm, I actually had more than 31 but who cares?! I got to blog everyday for a month. Hihihihi =) Next year (which is tomorrow), I will put a new widget because I’m also joining the January run. Masaya naman. All of a sudden hindi na lang ako napipilitan mag-blog just because I know someone would read it. Wala na ako pakialam. Nagbabasa pa rin naman sila. Yihee. =)


Movie, movie. I watched Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat after lunch. The movie wasn’t entirely funny but it had its moments. Eugene Domingo as Rowena really killed me.  I think she’s naturally funny and her background in theater  made her very effective.

I also watched the trailer of The Spirit.  I have no clue about it since I am not a fan of comic books but I am excited to watch it because I missed one of my girl-crushes, Sarah Paulson.  More on her later. I’ll watch it kahit early reviews found it too bland. Kanya-kanyang taste naman yan. Nag-enjoy nga ako sa Meet The Spartans, remember? =)

Commuter tale. My mother and I went home a little late and chanced on a jeep driven by this good-looking driver.  He’s really your typical stockbroker-type, with the way he’s dressed, with smarty eyeglasses to boot. Or di kaya yung lawyer na ang barong gusot-mayaman, hahaha! Guwapo and malinis, as in. This was the third time we had him, and na-connect namin that the past two times, they were weekends, and today’s technically a holiday in the Philippines, so maybe he isn’t a jeepney driver at all. Really, appearance-wise, without meaning to offend all hardworking jeepney drivers ng San Andres-Faura route, this one doesn’t look like one of them. Kasi naman mga itsura nila, halos walang effort; we made an observation years ago that drivers in the Sta. Ana Tulay-Faura route were more groomed than them.  Sila kasi naka-sando lang or lousy shirt (minsan yung shirt nakatali pa sa likod, parang cape! Terible.), then naka-shorts. Basta parang busabos by choice. =) Take note ha, by choice. Parang wala silang pakialam.

Anyway, back to the driver,  Mom said baka libangan lang pag walang pasok sa office, nagpapasada. Hmm, could be. And in almost seven years that I’ve been commuting, halos di ko sya napansin until lately. Anyway, nagulat si Mom when I told her, “Pwede ko syang maging stepdad. Yihee!!!” So ayun ewan kung kinikilig nanay ko hanggang makababa kami. Nung pumara pa ako, I muttered under my breath, “Bye, Papa! Uwi ka po ng maaga!” Kinurot ako ng nanay ko, hahaha!

House recaps.  And you thought I am done talking about House. Of course not.  I re-watched random episodes since it will return on the day after my birthday pa. Also, I had a blast reading recaps from Television Without Pity. The recaps were mostly by the very witty Sara Morrison (no relation to Jennifer who plays Dr. Cameron, I suppose). It will take a regular House viewer though to be able to follow her sarcastic remarks. Enjoying her recaps was the start of my dweeby mode today.

Sorkin-gasm at work.  My super awesome blogfriend Lilium shared two Sports Night episodes where Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Cuddy in House, as in the one whom I want to pattern myself from minus her medical degree, hahaha) appeared.  Sports Night, remember, I was so curious about it? Anyway, after two 30-minute episodes, my love for Aaron Sorkin came rushing back.

Sports Night is actually like The West Wing and Studio 60 in treatment. The “walk and talk” camera technique was particularly amazing. And let’s not forget the dialogues. It’s a right mixture of orthodox and cerebral. Just…wow.

If you follow Sorkin’s TV projects, you would eventually see recurring actors in his shows.  He has a keen eye on what makes a good actor, I’m telling you.  Very good choices.  I wish he returns to television next year. Enough of reality shows already, greedy networks!!!

I mentioned one of my girl-crushes, Sarah, who’s gay in real life (I wonder if she and Cherry Jones are still together?), and it made me smile.  She’s not in my very short list of Women Who Make Me Want To Be Totally Bi (because I only have there Olivia Wilde and Ivanka Trump — and please don’t ask why, I can’t explain it either!). However, she’s in my list of My Girl Crushes, along with Madeleine Stowe, Portia de Rossi-Degeneres, Marsha Thomason, Isla Fisher and Kate Winslet (as the latest addition).

Anyway, in case you forgot (or didn’t know), Sarah’s the beautiful Harriet Hayes in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Gosh, I missed her and Matt Albie. No, I missed the show. Before my fandom for House came back, I was so into it last year. Good times. =)  Unless I’ve not been paying attention, The Spirit is her first appearance after Studio 60. Manonood ako talaga.Plus she’ll be in a new “old” show titled Cupid next year. No high hopes there pero it’s better than no Sarah at all. Let’s see.

For now, let me get my Studio 60 DVDs. Na-miss ko sila bigla ah. They’re all so imperfect and damaged there. The West Wing may figure out in my preference, too, while waiting to ring in 2009. If you need to indulge in a form of nerdy fandom for Aaron Sorkin, visit Watching Studio60 and read on.  Wordy and unintelligible at first glance, but sue me, plunging into it made my day very interesting, to think I’m still a certified dork in progress.

Guess who’s celebratin’.  I can’t believe it’s been a year.  I have Raft3r to thank for the most part of this wonderful thing that happened.  Happy first birthday, Simone!!! One year it has been, and you’ve already experienced an overwhelming amount of  insane tapping and typing about a hopelessly dysfunctional rollercoaster ride called my life!!! =)

One day to go! =)

Do Nothing Day

sleeping-pigWhen I have several days off from work, I usually have one of them devoted to being useless. My eight-year old niece termed it Do Nothing Day; I don’t know where she got it, and she wouldn’t tell. It fits though and I like it.

My Do Nothing Day is mostly dominated by an extreme compulsion to sleep. Of course, when I’m on the bed, I would fall asleep. I read a magazine on my stomach, I would be asleep after a few pages. I watch TV on the couch, and yes, I would fall asleep with my hand holding the remote, probably dozing off in the middle of channel-surfing. I can even nap while sitting in the toilet. I’m that good. =)

I simply think it’s my body’s way of making up for all days and nights that I deprived myself of sufficient sleep. I used to be bothered by it but now, I just tolerate it. It’s one of my rest days, for Greg’s sake. =)

During moments where I can hold up being alive, I watch DVDs. At one point, my mother had to inspect House DVD cases and with a disappointed sigh, asked me what did I ever see in him. I simply smiled.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow should and would be fun.

Everything is conditional. You just can’t always anticipate the conditions. (Gregory House)

Any relationship that involves choice, you have to see how far you can push before it breaks. (James Wilson)

I adore House writers. They’re only from one episode. I discovered that House is consistent with his disbelief of unconditional feelings. In an episode last November, he told Cuddy,”There’s no unconditional love, only unconditional need.” Nice.

Merry Christmas!!!

tigger-xmasSo this is Christmas. What have you done? Wow, I’m asking myself the same thing.

This day doesn’t feel so Christmas-y, have you noticed? I’m not being Grinchy though. I’m not expecting anything fabulous either. Technically, today signals my first day of a rather long break which I should use very well to prepare for the long grind that’s 2009.

I’ve done nothing but eat (lechon will be the death of me, if not now, maybe in the future), stare in space, and watch House.  Sorry, I have not even returned text messages! I’m planning to reach a hundred messages before I do, hahaha.

Speaking of House, I’ve been too worked up on season 3 (2006-2007) and oh elves, what a fun it has been. I think people in the house are annoyed because I’ve been glued to Sophie (my laptop, who will turn one soon!) since last night. Anyway, I missed a lot in this season because I did not watch it in chronology when the Detective Tritter arc was on. Most very good episodes aired this season however, and even after two years, I can still say that Half-Wit, the one with Dave Matthews‘ awesome guest performance, is the best episode that season. It’s also where Cameron kissed House to get a blood sample (ok fine, House kissed back but sorry, House kissed Cuddy two years after that, and it was longer, hotter and more needy, y’all). Oh, it’s where House faked cancer. And where House grabbed Cuddy’s ass (“One small feel for man, one giant ass for mankind”). I liked this episode so much I watched it again with audio commentaries from David Shore and Katie Jacobs, the creators of House. Don’t be so surprised, I’m a real dork that way, and I really like watching episodes with audio commentaries.=)

My friends have hot stories to update me with so I’m excited to plan my next few days. My nephew, meanwhile, wants to go to the zoo. Today. I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do.

I guess I’m not as ecstatic as most people are given this supposedly festive day but I did try asking myself if I’m okay, and my answer is yes. Oh wait, I have not even opened my presents! I guess it’s still a cool Christmas after all.

Thanks to Jennifer for my Tigger Christmas graphic.

fluffy Friday

I am feeling better today, actually since last night, because I did three strategies that worked perfectly:

1. double the nurse’s recommended dosage of meds
2. go shopping
3. DIY mani-pedi

Anyway, half of this day’s devoted to work (good Lord, they never stop) and the other half is for our holiday party! I am most excited for this one because it is ours. I’m too enclosed that way, yeah. Anyway, it wasn’t with no glitches but me thinks we all had fun.  We have way cool colleagues this year. Uhm, period. =)

I still have tons of work to do but I’ll save them for next week. We’re working till the 24th, people! That’s like a couple of hours before Noche Buena. Oh well, that’s real life to you! So students, stop your pointless complaints over how hectic your school schedules are, you whiners. =)

I’m just happy that party invites are sprouting one by one. While I’m not partying everyday, I felt that almost four days of being sick totally bummed out my fatty cells. Need activities, one and all. And this, on top of lending support to friends with their “adult” problems, i.e., infidelity, bitter present partners harassing exes online, separation anxiety, child custody, overstaying in-laws and missing huge piles of money. It makes me feel good to be immature and intentionally ignorant sometimes.

My online friends are having mixed reactions about the latest Ausiello spoiler where Cuddy “offered” her Dean of Medicine job to Cameron. They put it like, “Cameron it, Cuddy out” so people reacted at first read. In my very humble opinion, it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm because (1) it was an old spoiler (2) it’s as if Cameron would last (and I don’t hate Cameron, I like her as a doctor, and as Chase’s partner) (3) Cuddy will definitely be back (4) or if she doesn’t, in that capacity, she wouldn’t still be out of the plot (5) did Cameron say YES to the offer? Cuddy was asking her about doing House’s budget and other fluff so she might be looking at delegating some of her functions to Cameron, particularly handling the Department of Diagnostic Medicine; there’s no way she could by-pass the board of directors of the hospital in deciding such…I know i’m thinking too much here, but anyway, my last point being (6) hello, Greg House is the star of the show; while I admit to liking more Cuddy/House and Cuddy/House/Wilson scenes, I’d be bothered if spoilers come around that House would give up being head of Diagnostic Medicine, or anything close to it. As long as it’s not him, I  can handle anything (and by anything, see, I even like Foreman and Thirteen now).

Motherhood may suit Cuddy well and it’s a development in her character (“may” because another spoiler said, I think it was also Ausiello, that she may rethink this whole motherhood thing soon…could be that it’s too big a change and she may realize that being dean and administrator is her first “baby” after all).  I don’t foresee Cameron standing up to House the way Cuddy has had.  House will definitely miss Cuddy and her control-seeking narcissism. Plus even if Cameron is cuter and has softer features, she doesn’t have Cuddy’s ass.  Enough said. =)

Wow, 12 days to go and it’s 2009. Wow.


swamped (but super) saturday

More pointless stories, dear readers. Come on, I know you like reading them. =)

Icon credit goes to, I rarely get up early on Saturdays. These rare occasions include a general assembly where I will get free breakfast, casual get-together with far too many colleagues and a minimal allowance that I can use for some little shopping. Precisely what we had today.

The general assembly was satisfactory even if I missed an hour of it because Raft3r, Marie, Lalaine, Mon and I went outside the venue to scout for fishball and cheap fruit shake stands to wake us up. When we got back, there was a heated debate involving stipends. After everything that transpired, I thought if taking higher studies in labor laws and industrial relations would be awesome. I’m still wondering about it until now.

I found myself in TriNoMa for lunch after the gathering. It was my first time there, and my first time to ride the MRT from one end to the other. =) We had lunch in Conti’s. Their baked salmon made my day but their mango bravo didn’t. I am going back anyway, if only to try their other dishes.

// did a little shopping again to erase items in my modest Christmas gifts list. I just like giving gifts. I’m not your conventional role model of generosity anyway because for every kind of stuff I got for people, I bought something for myself as well, even if it’s not the same kind. So maybe I like giving but it includes myself in the recipient list ALL the time. =)

I was tired lugging my purchases (because they include lots of small ceramic stuff!) so I had a quick bite of cinnamon pecan bun at Cinnabon. It was too late when I realized that I do hate anything cinnamon-flavored. Tsk.

After using tons of energy battling  a throng of people in the train station, I arrived home feeling like a worn out donkey (I like associating myself with elephants or pigs but they don’t get as tired as horses or mules, do they?).


as seen on tvI watched House’s Joy To The World episode for the second time and all I can say is it was a great decision on my part to not have too much expectations because true enough, too many plot lines were cramped in 43 minutes of the show and while I’m ecstatic for Dr. Cuddy getting a baby, it felt too contrived. I still loved the episode though. I guess they made it that way because, hey, they’re on television, and sappiness is quite a norm during the holiday season. It wasn’t as coldly received as I thought it was because Cuddy’s baby plot made it to #2 of’s Top TV moments this week.  Interestingly, House and Cuddy’s kiss five episodes back made it to #5 of Television Without Pity’s Year In Review 2008: Anticipated TV Moments That Paid Off. Yet another interesting news is Lisa Edelstein, who plays Dr. Lisa Cuddy, was at #4 in 15 of TV’s Sexiest Women Over 40

Hugh Laurie wasn’t left behind since he was in Late Night with Conan O’Brien last Wednesday and oh-em-gee, he’s hosting SNL tonight for the second time!!! I can’t wait to watch this one. Great, great weekend updates, yeah.

I’m off to watch Videodrome now. I cleaned my DVD closet and found it hidden behind Finding Nemo. =) I don’t know if I can enjoy it as I do other weird films because right now, I’m so tired as f*ck. Well, I’ll try. The film made it to a certain list of weirdest films of all time. I would have watched two from the list after this one, having watched I♥Huckabees three years ago (duude, I remember I watched it on my flight back from DC; ah, my so-Mr. Bean traveler moments are rushing back…remind me to blog about them soon, hahaha!). Anyway, I don’t dig the list so much because it surprisingly left out A Clockwork Orange and only included one film of David Lynch while for a time I thought he only existed to make weird movies. =) 


// checked, honestly asked myself, checked yet again and after a few tosses and turns, I can finally say…I’m over it. Not over everything about it but I am over it. It might come back again, it could bear fruit in the future, it may work out after all when I’m 30 as our unserious and silly promise goes, but at present, NOW, I can look at the situation and just smile and mean it. I am happy. I allow myself to feel it because I know what it is. In our last conversation, I gathered he is not happy per se at this point in time in his life, and he only categorizes feel good moments as “fixed and identifiable points”. Whatever he feels now, I don’t know, I don’t care, and frankly, it doesn’t make a difference anymore. I am not fully closing this chapter, he is still special to me, but as of now, yahoo, a very merry Christmas to me, I’m finally out of the woods. =)