I am a bookwhore

still sniffing

I cry at family dramas on TV. That’s one more thing you should know about me. Brothers & Sisters amuses me very much. It gives me a feeling that dysfunctional families are normal families.  They, the Walkers and their extensions, are… Read More ›


This is going to be short and sweet. Unless something earth-shattering happens to me, I will be intermittently showing up again because the rainy days totally set my mood for reading. I got 11 Sandman volumes from Erwin today. The… Read More ›

random good vibes

1. David Cook is coming to Manila on January 2009. Heard it’s his first international show after the Idol tour. It’s gonna be on the week after my birthday. I’ll be there, definitely, no matter how much the ticket would… Read More ›