some quotes to share

…before I delete them from my phone. ♣ Panibagong sagot sa tanong na, “How’s your lovelife?’ Eto, self-supporting! ♣ They say that smart people have stupid hearts. With the rate our hearts are going, damn, we must be f*ckin’ geniuses! … Read More ›

Dear Loyal Lurkers,

I’m happy to have made it through another week of madness. There were unresolved issues and murder-inducing job stressors but hey, there’s always next week to resolve themselves naturally. For some quick and painless rundown of my week, to add… Read More ›

On the other hand

…it might be best to be sad for a while and eventually forget everything na lang. You wanna know why? Because I am an ardent fan of the Golden Rule. While it does good to my deflated superego to think… Read More ›