book, slut

I buy books to compensate every bit of bad things I feel. I cannot exactly gather what made me feel bad this time nor if there’s something I felt bad about in the first place. All I know is that… Read More ›

swamped (but super) saturday

More pointless stories, dear readers. Come on, I know you like reading them. =) Anyway, I rarely get up early on Saturdays. These rare occasions include a general assembly where I will get free breakfast, casual get-together with far too… Read More ›

once upon a time

…there was someone who got spoiled with attention and online affection. The leaves withered, a lightning on the forehead was seen by the community, an anticipated kiss that’s four years in the making was announced to unfold next week and… Read More ›

still love House =)

Okay, Hugh Laurie lost.  He did not even appear in the awards show because of a bad case of flu. I felt sad but it’s fine now. However, I have to check out John Adams and Breaking Bad to try… Read More ›