randomness is my middle name


I feel so lazy. I think I need more rest. My weekend was an exciting getaway from the city yet it made me more tired when I got home.  Puerto Galera was fun though. I hope to regain the energy to… Read More ›

your fly is open

Aha, I made you look! [Aww, I miss Friends!] My calendar is slowly filling up with events to go to and numerous things to do.  I could never ask for more diversions. People said I bared too much in this… Read More ›

bits and pieces

I am using Google Chrome. It’s fine.  Change is never easy but I am. (Raft3r, new motto?!) I now have a hardback copy of Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts. Sealed. Brand new. Marked down to 199 pesos. It came towards… Read More ›