reading challenge

Lowering the Bar

I pledged to read 82 books this year to be tracked in Goodreads, and it’s only because I did 82 in 2012. I figured I could more or less read at the same pace. I was wrong. My reading progress… Read More ›

Bout of Books 8.0: Goals

Five days to go and it’s Bout of Books 8.0!  I’m in the middle of my personal Filipino Lit readathon (a little lagging behind, but anyway…) and next week I will make up big time, reading-wise. Wednesday, the 21st, is… Read More ›

2013 Bookish Goals

Happy New Year! It’s another year full of books and other wonderful things.  I am happy with the number of books I managed to read last year (oh, it seems so far away when yesterday, it’s still 2012).  For this… Read More ›

I’m up for one more challenge!

While bloghopping, I discovered another reading challenge that has no official start and end dates. It’s to read the works of  Georgette Heyer, an English historical romance and detective fiction novelist. I am jumping into this wagon on top of… Read More ›

early 2009 challenges!

I am not in control of everything that happens in my life but I might as well enjoy the ones I can and have control of. This early, I promised myself to slash a huge number from the TBR pile… Read More ›