What the Pox

Adults contract chicken pox, too.  It was hard for me to believe it until it happened to me.  I’m on the 11th day of living with the varicella virus, and I hope to part with it in the next seven… Read More ›

On sick bay

This is my second day out of the office because of illness.  When I got over my usual bouts of flu, I noticed that my tummy problems replaced them.  I  guess my bad eating habits brought it back.  I’ve been… Read More ›

tethered on a random Thursday

Tethered to work, that is. I’m not complaining though. Just whining. Again. I’m still very ill. I noticed I’m cranky when I am. Like, I don’t appreciate being asked why I am still in the office (because I want to,… Read More ›

watery Wednesday

It’s so in to be sick lately. Let’s blame centralized air conditioning, y’all. I have been in heat, no, on fire, since last night. This is the kind of condition that cannot be cured by medication alone. I downed everything… Read More ›