Planner Planner

I finally decided that I will use a Starbucks 2011 planner after all simply because it’s the first one that became available to me. I did not intend to get this one even if I participated in the sticker promo…. Read More ›

solemn saturday

My whole team attended a spiritual recollection today. It’s one of our spur of the moment bonding times and what’s funny is that none of us is that into religion or any of those spiritual stuff (yes, even Sheila wants… Read More ›

three incidents

Saturday afternoon, our street. Lola neighbor: Kumusta naman ang trabaho mo? Me: Okay naman po. Lola neighbor: Hindi naman kayo nagtanggalan ng mga tao? Me: Hindi naman po. Lola neighbor: Mabuti naman. Kaya pag-igihan mo ang trabaho mo ha? Me:… Read More ›

eat, pray, love

The title is like the popular book of Elizabeth Gilbert, which I haven’t read but I intend to. If only someone would buy it for me. Hint hint…9 days to go. 🙂 EAT I am feeling guilt as of this… Read More ›