Studio 60

Joe and the sunset strip

I am going to admit it now. I am in love with Joe Bradley. I watched Roman Holiday in high school and totally forgot how drool-worthy Gregory Peck is. I watched it while waiting for 2009 to ring in. So… Read More ›


Movie, movie. I watched Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat after lunch. The movie wasn’t entirely funny but it had its moments. Eugene Domingo as Rowena really killed me.  I think she’s naturally funny and her background in theater  made her… Read More ›

Simply put

Dahil sa alembong phase ko, I terribly missed how good it was to slouch on the couch (hey, that rhymed) and watch TV. The Riches, The Office (I watched two episodes for the first time and yeah, it’s funny, though… Read More ›

oh, dear God

I might be selling a scrape of my liver anytime soon. It’s supposedly my kidneys but I have unhealthy ones so it might not cost that much. See, I thought I was done with my Christmas shopping. After all, once… Read More ›

my TV is a sucker

Yes, it sucks me to it, glues my eyes to it, even if I have lots of things to do. First, let me say that ETC 2nd Avenue will be on free TV starting January 1, 2008, replacing RJTV 29…. Read More ›


I forgot to mention that part of my hysterics that was Tuesday was ETC 2nd Avenue and Studio 60. First, 2nd Avenue aired K&R Part III. That’s the 2nd to the last episode! Kainis. Was that brought by Solar Channels’ exclusion in… Read More ›

The Christmas Show

I typed this last night after watching Studio 60. My wifi connection was a b*tch then so I had to save it for later (now). The moment isn’t over. I’m a fan. ♥ I’m glad to be home very early… Read More ›


It’s 12:30  a.m. as I type and I still feel so alive because downing a hot espresso at 10 p.m. wasn’t a good idea if you intend to sleep like a human being. Anyway, I spent my Friday night rummaging randomly… Read More ›