The West Wing

Josh and CJ, Robert and Cuddy

My greatest dream is to work in a very busy office peppered once in a while with a conversation like this: [discussing a personal matter that could affect the image of the office they’re working for] Smooth and Suave Deputy… Read More ›

sleeping beauty

I wasn’t that tired last week that’s why I’m still wondering why my body asked for a lot more weekend sleep than usual. I barely had anything done because I kept on dozing off. Masan moments! Masandal, tulog! During the… Read More ›

Dear Loyal Lurkers,

I’m happy to have made it through another week of madness. There were unresolved issues and murder-inducing job stressors but hey, there’s always next week to resolve themselves naturally. For some quick and painless rundown of my week, to add… Read More ›

saturday night fever

It’s technically Sunday and I can’t sleep. I thought of putting off blogging but maybe this is what I need to feel sleepy. I don’t know how exactly but I’ll try. Typing while Alanis Morissette is playing in the background should… Read More ›

my TV is a sucker

Yes, it sucks me to it, glues my eyes to it, even if I have lots of things to do. First, let me say that ETC 2nd Avenue will be on free TV starting January 1, 2008, replacing RJTV 29…. Read More ›