watery Wednesday

It’s so in to be sick lately. Let’s blame centralized air conditioning, y’all. I have been in heat, no, on fire, since last night. This is the kind of condition that cannot be cured by medication alone. I downed everything… Read More ›

Wednesday conversations

I am still reeling from the scene that made me melt. It was probably nothing to other people but watching it made me so hot, I don’t know why. Oh well. Back to my real life, here are some real… Read More ›

One reason why I won’t date now

An excerpt from Insensitive (House, Season 3, Episode 14). House interrupted Cuddy at home while she’s with her date, pretending to consult on something about a hospital patient.  When House left… Cuddy: (covering face with hands) You heard the conversation…. Read More ›