week-long break


The problem with letting your free days slide is that they do slide swiftly as if it’s intentional. Unlike my other eventful week-long leave of absence from work, the days after my KK trip were gone in an instant. Consider… Read More ›


I told myself that I have to have some grace period. That’s the only way I could justify staying at home and idling the day away. To be fair to me, I spent a considerable amount of time, in front… Read More ›


If I can find a way to weed out Sophie’s contents somewhere so I can save it on a newly-installed iTunes—so I don’t have to click “No” everytime it prompts me if I want to replace all the songs in… Read More ›

How To Regain Your Life in 9 Days

I will have nine days of liberty from office slavery. Well, that’s only three days of official freedom because weekends and two holidays would equal me with my officemates. My anticipated semi-bye bye desk moment last night ended a bit… Read More ›